Locked card

What do I do in US and card is locked. Is there a number I can call. Only number I have is outside office hours. Thanks

Are you able to unlock the card by yourself in the app?

Hello! I need help. I can not use my revolut card. Now it is locked. I think that i locked it because i don’t remember my pin.

You know that you can look up your card PIN in the app?

@Timrowson You can always enable/disable the card in the Cards tab in the app. The PIN can be viewed in the app as well under the card where it says Show PIN. Please contact us on support so we can unblock the card for you if you exceeded the PIN tries.

Hi all,
I recently tried to pay with my revolut card but payments were refused. It seemed that I inputted a wrong code too many times. Could you please unlock my card as soon as possible? I have been able to retrieve my code through the application, so no need to change it. Many thanks

Please unblock my card!

Hi @Complete. You can unblock your card in the Cards section of the app.