Locked account.

I have provided so many documents, but the compliance team is still not happy, are they after personal DATA ? If this is the case then I better report to the Govt ?

I recommend you never have big money on Revolut. They like to lock accounts. They just did it to me too (not the first time). What I do is that each time I get money to my Revolut (because Its free) I transfer it to my czech bank (out of safety) and when I need to use Revolut outside Czech I top up back the money I need. Although this cause that the limit I have maybe 30k per year is actually for me only 15k and they keep asking strange questions like what relationship I have with these people ( I sent or received money). They dont even know how to read the tax return of my parents and boyfriend… also Its tax return 2018 not 2019 or 2020 so they cannot compare what went through my account now with something over a year old…

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My account has been blocked for the same reasons as i can read here. Im trying to contact customer service in the last 7 days and no one is appearing in the chat. I need to access my account asap. I would appreciate it if you could help me.

@andreasK.can you please help me my account is locked

My account has been locked for more than 10 times due to source of funds verfication.

  • I have provided

  • Self emploment PAYE tax document

  • 3 pay slips

  • 3 personal bank statements showing the money coming into my account
    -3 Business bank statements showing the money coming from.

  • Divident voucher

  • Accountant letter showing the dividend and loan amount

  • Contract papers with clients and total amount etc

REVEOLUT complice team bloody declined all of them above and said, we are not satasfied with your source of income. How can they refuse the UK bank statements, HMRC documents, Business bank statements and Payslips.

The online chat put me through so many other agents, and eventually nothing happens wait wait and simply wait…
They are taking a huge advantage of customers in this Pandamic situation. This company is fraud.

Submitted so many complaints and no result yet, They only tell, ‘Sorry for keeping you on hold and apologies’ WHAT the HELL is this ?

I have asked for help on the twiitter they blocked me :expressionless:

Next is to take them to the court and sue them, also I am going to report them to the media BBC with all chat and document evidences. soon their CEO will see Revolute on news.


Hi Andreas,

PLease can you contact me - my phone is not accessible through water damage and I am working abroad & so cannot get the SIM replaced very easily. I need someone to contact me directly as soon as possible.

I can’t understand why there is no direct support line or support chat here?
Please I am desperate here as my card is not working now either.

Thanks ,

Hey Andreas,
I need some human support please - phone & sim water damaged while working from abroad. No access to my account and now my card is not working at all.
Can you or one of your colleagues please message me here?

My account is locked too because I forgot my PIN, the app is not helping me - it keeps going to white screen which says “ALL CHATS”, but no help is offered. Help Please

I send the papers so much and still don’t make anything

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Hello, 1 hour that I attend an agent in the applications … I am abroad with this card and it is my only means to buy. So I have to go buy food and my card is blocked. There is an agent who responds that I have to do it because 1 hour is still no response. I have no longer chosen at home to eat solid I really must have gone to the supermarket. Before it closes I live in the Dominican Republic at 4:00 p.m. everything will be closed so answer me thank you in advance …

hi man I have problem to login to my revolut account
can I get someone to call me? My nr is XXXXXi deposit yestarday 3000-4000 dollars and they asked my for a pin to see my card details i dont know the pin and they locked my account it doesnt matter how hard i tried to unlock it because it is not working. A blank screen pops up with says all chats and nothing happens after that…

Hi @AndreasK ! My account got hacked and several money transfers have been made during the night. Is there a way to restore my account access, to cancel those transfers and to recover my money knowing that I can’t reach the chat support and I’ve already contacted feedback@revolut.com. It’s very urgent as the transfers have not been submitted yet. Thanks a lot, guys

Dear AndreasK

My premium account is locked for more than two days now. I am not getting any response in the app. This is extremely frustrating. Please help!

Hi! I have the same issue. Might be the changed phone number, or the expiration of my id. Would like to get some help on this, thanks.

Hello. My account has been locked. I’m new on Revolut and don’t know who I should contact. Could you please help me.

I will do exactly the same! The blocked my savings in Vault. Is even not showing in my app!

You’re aware that the vaults moved from the dashboard to the new “Wealth” section of the app?

Hello @AndreasK I really hope you can help me! I have had my account locked for over a week I have shared with the company my work contract and wage slips so they could confirm the money in my account was from my job, also I have shared with them lots of other information. Then, I was asked by two different agents to show them my statement to where my wages are located in the bank for the past 3 months, I have explained to them that my wages go into my Revolut account and i can’t access it show you a statement then they left me for 36 hours with no respond. After this experience my chat was closed and passed to a agent named Boris who was extremely unhelpful when i was asking for a service up date or a explanation he told me he couldn’t tell me because it’s company policy to not give me a update. How is that a policy to abandon me in another country with no funds or asking if i am financially ok. Apparently my account is under review from all my information i have gave and I can’t be told how long this will go on for… Can you please speak to a member of the team to try and get my case moved on a little so i can get home at least. I have until Friday to leave my hotel then no funds to go anywhere. Please understand the situation I am in that i have been abandoned by your company.

@AndreasK after all i was reading i think the onely hope is you. Today is the 3 Day that my account is nloced.and no live chat support no nothing losing my mind.