Locked account.

Reminder #2 of my query

I feel your pain Nick7, been more than 2 weeks now that our business account has been locked with a very significant 5-figure balance effectively ‘frozen’.

The same here, account is locked and no one is answering. Account is locked more than week.

wow. wth, get a real bank! :face_with_thermometer:


Hi, I signed up today, ran and passed all the verification checks etc.

I have deposited some funds and my account was instantly locked and are asking for more information saying it will take 48 hours to respond??

I really wish I had done proper homework on this company before deciding to open an account with them. The support phone number doesn’t work?

Instantly regretting this now.

There is no support phone number with an live agent…

Wow, so many locked accounts. What is going on


I have been trying to call this number on the website - “call our automated phone-line +442033228352.”

It doesn’t even ring but goes dead?

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They fixed it quite quickly on Monday, looks like they say customer support is open 24/7 but not the ones that block or unblock your account.

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My account is locked, they told me to contact someone in the chat but i’m constantly “Offline” so i can’t resolve my problem.
Can someone help me ?

Never called there. I know that its just an automated line.

You can freeze/unfreeze your prepaid card instantly in the ‘Cards’ section of the Revolut app. You can also block your card via our automated phone line [+44 20 3322 8352].

Try turning off your Wi-Fi or try turning it on. Also disable any VPN if you use that.

Ive had the same issue. The responder only responds asking weird questions about what phone im using which apps Ive used and has now asked for my password via email,
Ive refused because I think something is wrong…its been 5 days of slow responses !

It does suggest you that it will be answered by customer support. “This number is only used for receiving calls and Revolut customer support never makes outgoing phone calls from this number.”

I am just a standard UK customer calling a UK number from my phone and have tried another without any luck.

This is crazy, I now feel like I have just lost a decent amount of money.

Feeling really stupid and should have done my homework on them!

Yeah, that’s kind of unfortunate. But I’m sure it will get sorted out.

I’ve been using revolut for two weeks. Today after receiving two international transfers suddenly my account has been blocked. A message tells me that I am prepared to provide more documentation but it does not tell me which one only to communicate through the chat which I have done and of course I do not receive any response while my money is still blocked.
As a new client of this bank I am very discouraged and angry. I don’t think it’s a way to treat customers but I think it’s the best way for new customers to leave as soon as possible, I don’t know if with or without the money.
I hope that my situation is resolved as soon as possible or I will take action against revolut as well as letting everyone know what has happened to me.
Sincerely happening these things I do not understand how there can be a single revolut client.

also being locked out for changing numbers - I cant access money, I have no other bank account it’s very frustrating

My account is also locked.
Could you please do something.
I can only go to the chat but no answers …
Thank you

I’ve been locked out of my account for over a month, when transferring to a new phone and reinstalling the app the “Authenticate” button you need to click via your phone (not a pc) to get going just brings me to a dead link that does nothing. Has anybody any quick fix as anything I find online is use the Chat in the app…but I can’t get into the app.

Hi chancery did your situation solved? My account is blocked 16 hours ago, no communication from Revolut :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face: