Locked account.

Hi, please help me.
I can’t log in on my account, i have forgotten my pin. How do i reset it?
App doesn’t even allow me to create another account due bug “Something went wrong. try again later."

My account is not working, not able to log in even after reinstalling

Yesterday the problem was solved. My account is unlocked. Thank you.

Hi Andreas!

I just got blocked my revolut card. And im not even able to log in into the app.

Need my card within 8 hours by any doubts!

What is going on?


Dear @AndreasK !

I am contacting you on behalf of ADSCALE LTD.

I turn to you for help, because a bot is responsible for chatting inside the application, and our company’s account has been blocked for more than 2 weeks ago and we cannot understand why.

Please help me deal with this issue and understand why the account was blocked.

We really hope that this issue will be resolved in the near future, since restricting access to funds for such a long time is completely unacceptable!

Thank you and have a nice day!

  1. I was not able to send money because of unspecified error, than
  2. trying to activate Revolut on my other phone
  3. locked me out on both phone.
  4. support not answering after 3 days
    it is urgent! please help!

I have been struggling to reach them for 2 weeks now, and I am unable to get my student finance from my account. I have no money and I am in desperate need of my account. Please if you have a way of contacting them, I would very much appreciate it

Please, help me! I’m with the same problem! I don’t know why but my account is blocked! The chat don’t works you send messages and nobody asnwer me! Please help me!!

I have the same problems. I have contacted the financial ombudsman service and the police because this is ridiculous. Many people are having this problem with them.

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@AndreasK: OMG, I have a similar situation with my Revolut account, I can’ t login, I can’ t use my money, 2 people tried to reach to Customer Service writing about this in the last 4 days, I’ ve sent an email about this matter to complaints@revolut, all required data included in 17- th March 2020, also I’ ve required to refund money to sender , still no response from Customer Service…please help , i’ m in real trouble here, just an old lady trying to make it through this terrible times we are living :disappointed_relieved:

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@AndreasK please help us! for 3 weeks we do not know the reasons for the blockage and do not have access to our money! PLEASE!

please help me with the same issue @AndreasK

I have just received a payment from HMR for my tax return.
My account is blocked and on the live 24/7 chat no one is answering.
Is it any way that I can get in contact with someone ? I have almost 6000 pounds blocked and no one is to be found anywhere.
I have tried to contact someone from 8 AM but no reply.
Please advise.
Thank you

You can get help on their Facebook page, send them a message there, I man3to get an answer from them and support in 20 minutes

I’m in the sane position - not sure how to get through for help

My account was locked after I made a transfer, I have a relatively large sum of money in Revolut which I can’t use, there is no one responding to the chat, there is no telephone number to reach someone. This is completely unacceptable for a company that holds client funds. I thought being a metal customer, it would make sense to have something that resembles customer service but you can’t even provide that.
I was a very happy Revolut customer for years but now I realise I was just lucky that I never needed to use your customer “service”.
I am sincerely hoping that this gets resolved quickly.

Hello. I got one big problem
I got my account blocked since 2 mounths ago and i can t unblock it…

Hi there! I have just received a payment from HMRC for my tax return
My account is blocked and I’m trying to contact support revolut team on the live 24/7 chat but no one is answering.
Is it any way that I can get in contact with someone?
Please help!
Thank you !

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This my last message before I go to police and report you stole my money.

Hi @Andreask,

My account is blocked since yesterday morning, its more than 36 hours but i have not received reply yet, please help money is blocked.