Locked Account-non existing support

                 Account asked to verify codes from bank statements. After successful entries account locked with no further information. only with support button which seems to be useless with no response from hours now.
                 Showing locked blank screen to customers for hours with no further information is not something anybody expect from a so called "bank account".


I have the same problem, still waiting on a reply both from fb and the chat support. Need my account urgently for tomorrow.


If they block for security reasons they could give option to upload some proofs or documents to verify instead they blank you with no info


Yeah i verified my transaction using my bank statements and after that i got blocked out. @AndreasK could you offer any assistance please? In desperate need of a quick fix as i need the account up and running today


Same happened to me. Someone came to chat and said they will transfer me to security verification team and will sort it out in short time. It’ more than one hour now no reply so far.


I was waiting 2 hours for a chat assistant. Now I’m waiting 2:30 to be transferred hope it’s sorted soon.


I havent even had a reply as yet from anyone. Rita the automated reply hasn’t replied at all


Any update @Kairav @anddreww ? Im still have no contact 3 hours later from anyone


It’s the same here. I’ve just opened my account an hour ago, confirmed my identity and topped it up and after that the account has been blocked. That’s ridiculous. Not the bank experience I was hoping for.


Nope. Still nothing. Never had a problem in past but this is annoying


No. I gave up for today. clearly they don’t have the resources to sort things out now.


Yeah. The team is apparently busy due to the launch of the cryptocurrency feature. I think we should be sorted by tomorrow


finally got a reply n the app. i posted on their twitter and got a reply pretty much straight after

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