Locked account no answer from chat support

Hello, my account has been locked for the last 7 hours and I have not received any help using chat support.
I’ve seen many comments about new accounts being locked, but I need this fixed as soon as possible. How can I count on Revolut if my money gets blocked and no one gets back to me for more than a day?

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With the acceleration of the AML verification ( Perhaps requested by authorities following Banking licences ? ) and the number of customers ( 1m in November 2017, 1.5m in February 2018, 2m in June 2018 ) the support team(s) are not yet correctly sized…

It’s a shame because :r: provides fantastic services !

Did you try to type “live agent” to talked to a real human ? Are you a Premium user ?

Do you know why your account was blocked ( topup limit ? topup with a second unverified cards ? topup with a card you don’t own ? important fund transfer ?)

I am not a premium user. I have toped up from an account that is not mine, but it has been verified…

Yes, I have tried live agent…without success so far…

What was verified ? The topup amount was important ?

The card (the transaction) was verified after the top up. What do you mean by “important”? It should not matter what the top up amount I have. And it was not the first top up I did.

The card (the transaction) was verified after the top up.

OK but the card was yours ?

What do you mean by “important”? It should not matter what the top up amount I have. And it was not the first top up I did.

I am asking regarding the amount because perhaps :

  • You have exceed your topup limit
  • The amount of the top was big compared to the previous one

As I said, the card was not mine. Yes the amount was significantly higher than the previous ones.

Then it explains why your accout is locked, unfortunately you are not allowed to topup your account with someone else card.

I think :r: will check with you why this person did give you this money.

I hope they will do this soon…

Especially since that top up has been verified at their request. I have added the transaction - Revolut - code…

its written in the app - enter card IN YOUR NAME … thats why you have problems now

Yes, please remember than you need to use your own card for top up :


We advise using your own card to top up your Revolut account. If someone else would like to add money to your Revolut account, they can send money to your account instantly via their Revolut app.

I will remember :slight_smile: now I just need someone on support to answer my request…

I have the same problem… :persevere:
@mirron Do you know how long will take to unlock the account?

The compliance team waiting time is 96hours, ie 4 working days.

( Please note that I am not working for :r: , just an happy customer trying to help :slight_smile: )


hello, the same issue here. Was waiting since 6th of june. Account locked for security reasons. chat is not answering. showing “looking for an agent”.

Please help.