Locked account & missing money


I have been using my revolut account for more than six months. Overnight Revolut has blocked my account and taken my funds for no apparent reason. I have used the account only for lawful reasons, however a customer support person called Katarzyna just sent a message saying that according to Terms and Conditions, my account has been suspended indefinitely!! Including my balance!!!

I have trusted Revolut with the little money I had, and now they just freeze my funds for no apparent reason and no explanation! I have provided all documents months ago and my account was activated and verified in the past. There is no explanation for blocking my account.

I don’t understand why are you treating your customers like that! The customer support has been unresponsive and just copy-pasting the same answer with no further explanation!!! And no Katarzyna just stopped answering! I hope you indeed contact me soon and resolve this issue, otherwise I will definitely take action to make this public through word of mouth and social media, because it is completely unprofessional for a neobank or whatever you want to call it to put their hands on your funds with no explanation!!! People can lose their money with Revolut!!!

Please prove me wrong…


@AndreasK can you please help me?