Locked account for a few days


Hello. I dont know if here is the place I can ask someone from the team to help me out unlocking my account? I entered my verification number from my latest top up and instantly received a message about account being locked for security reasons. I have made a virtual debit card and sent some amount to it from my paypal account. Now I cannot access my money. If you need some more info please let me know but I have the feeling that If I dont ask my account will stay like this forever! Please help!


happened the same to me - utterly unacceptable


I have the same problem right now - fly tomorrow. Hopefully someone helps us soon!!


Noone is helping. Are there only 2 of you guys out there? What is this customer support? Noone is answering my questions. I feel I am some kind of scam guy. I sent money to my virtual card and provided all confirmation. I entered my codes and everything. Tried to contacy you over phone, facebook, inapp chat… no success. Guys please give me back my money at least?