Locked Account - Chat not working


My account was blocked for card verification. My bank ( Bank of Cyprus ) has not any kind of 4 digit code in the statement .

The support chat is not working. I can not see the messages from the agents. I have been trying the last 48hr several times. I only receive notifications and nothing appears in the chat.

I have transfer money to which I have no access now. I have order a card paying express delivery (£17 !) to use for my summer holidays and not only i am not saving money, but my money are blocked. I have no support from the company. I have try any possible way to find an e-mail or a phone number for Revolut, but is impossible. I have even message several times in the App Chat to contact by phone or e-mail. It is so frustrating.

I am considering seriously to ask for an advice from lawyer .

Any suggestions how to contact them , since the App chat is not working?


Desperate here! I have been trying for hours to unblock my account. Messages are not shown on chat, no agent seems to can help. I have try everything (close and open app, delete and download again the app, download it on different device, restart phone)