Location enabled travel advice


I will appreciate if Revolut could provide some on-demand general advice on using Revolut if I am travelling in a particular country. This may include:

  • banks that offer lowest or no ATM withdrawal fees (possibly, based on earlier customer feedback)
  • my current fee free ATM withdrawal limit
  • known payment issues with certain (widely used) merchants

What else? Would other community members consider this useful ?


Hey @Ratamon.

Definitely food for thought.

Specifically, how would you like to receive this information? A section within the app or possibly through a messaging system? Maybe through a notification?


Hey great idea @Ratamon!

Well like carriers do when you enter a new country with a SMS you could send a Push notification deep linked in the Revolut app to the customer saying for example : “Hey Name, welcome to France! :fr: Right now the exchange rate is £10 = €10. Click for more!”

Then, in the app maybe it will show a map at the top with the country and its flag and in second place the actual exchange rate like GBP10 = EUR10 (not actual rate :stuck_out_tongue:) for and GB based customer who travels to France for instance.

Beyond that you can maybe ask what this travel is for (business, holidays…) to classify the expenses and display some general tips abroad. I made a quick sketch to illustrate below :slight_smile:

Community concept by @julien ; not actual Revolut’s design



I especially like the idea of a warning list of ATMs to watch out for ( because of their charges ) which could easily be set up for each country


This is a also very good idea. I am not keen on running around looking for an ATM that will charge no fees. I may well be content with a small fee. If Revolut is able to trace the ATM withdrawal fees charged to the customers’ Revolut cards, they should be able to easily pull off this information and make it available to everyone interested.


Many people will not look through the forum I’d reckon so to do your customer service bit, the best option would be a push notification imho. I quite like Julien’s idea a few posts back


Usually ATMs tell you if you are going to be charged but I agree it would be useful to have a map of free ATMs so you don’t waste time trying to find a free one, or end up paying just out of frustration/time constraints.

Secondly, I travel all over the world for my job and have encountered some ATMs that do not accept my Revolut card for one reason or another. It would be useful if somehow Revolut could also add a map with ATMs which definitely work with the card.


Very nice feature. Would be nice to have a popup telling you how to use a Revolut card with NY subway ticket machines.


I like this idea, as you say when Revolut works out your in the country a little notification giving you rates and a map of fee free ATM and other useful things like zip codes you need to enter or other country specific advice would be good, maybe it could be a section in the app if you wanted to look up a country before you go. Good idea and love the visual Julian.