Location based security

How far exactly, what distance, do the card and phone need to be from each other for the payment to be declined?
Within few meters? Few hundred meters? Few kilometers? Same country?


I guess they wont disclose that in detail, but my best guess would be “country”.

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That’s right, I believe it is “country”.

This should answer the question :wink:

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Not really, because this is the very thing that is unclear and what the OP asked about.

Your gps location defines it. Lets say if you’re at home and there’s a store 3blocks away, it will block the transaction.

It most likely has a radius of 10metres.
But just to be precise, could you confirm @anon33247966 ? :slight_smile:

No offence, but I seriously doubt that would work (but Andreas might be able to confirm that - even though I dont think they will disclose it). They can determine your location but there is no way to reliably determine the merchant’s location and they would have way too many false negatives. Even if they limited it just to the city, hence country.

They are determining merchant location based on POS settings.
Had a transaction blocked due to location in Milano as Revolut saw the merchant as being in Rome.

They all have their exact latitude, longitude positions?

Alright, thanks for that detail, that would rule out “country”. “City” probably next.

Location as only the city most probably.
Maybe the address if they can pick it up from the POS…

I remember someone from Revolut saying it’s country based and not more granular. (I don’t think there are detailed location informations for merchants available that can be checked in real time.)

That would have been my assumption, but assuming that diak’s transaction really was refused because he was in Milan when Revolut assumed the merchant to be 500 kilometers south, there ought to be at least the possibility of finer control.

It really was :slight_smile:

Hmm: just hit this for the first time. Two French autoroute toll booths, 30km apart, same operator. The first one worked, the second not.

This “feature” sounds like it needs more thought, and definitely more explanation.

This just happened to me in London (Pure next to Moorgate). Guys, have you noticed that the GPS function is not working well in the centre of London? Either it is due to the high buildings or, maybe, there is a noise in the signal being added on purpose by the GPS satellites (as a potential security feature).

I am sure they will get it right eventually given time and a lot of machine based learning but in the meantime the incidence of false positives will cause a lot of people to switch it off. Not only is there an issue with reliability of GPS data but you also need to deal with central submitters where the address of the merchant is different to where the device is actually located. On top of that merchants have a habit of moving PoS devices around and not telling the Acquirer. Same applies to mPoS devices which are designed to be portable but are registered to a specific address. The real battle against fraud is in CNP and not in transactions verified by input of a PIN.

I read a user experience on one of the travel blogs today about someone who had their revolut card stolen while she was asleep in an Australian hostel. Not long after waking up and realising her card was gone, she had a notification on the app that card use had been detected and refused, based on her card not being co-located with the phone.

As you might have guessed it was in the same city. There was also a happy ending to this story. She received info about the store where the transaction had been attempted and the merchant somehow held on to the card (no details given about this). She then went to the store and collected the card in person and was able to continue using it.

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I also have a question about this feature - if you enable it do you need to set Location Based Services (e.g. in iOS) to Always or will ‘While Using the App’ be enough? I mean for it to be able to do its job as in the story I posted above.

Unlike other apps (e.g. Tripit, Sky Guide), if I set the location tracking to Always then the Location icon never goes away, which doesn’t seem right (it’s as if it’s checking it constantly rather than intermittently). But if I set it to While Using then maybe it won’t work properly?

I can enable this feature for my physical cards (Visa & MC) but when I check the status a few moments later Location-based security is switched off again. :frowning:

Have you contacted the support?