Location based security was preventing me to pay


Dear Revolut-Community,

yesterday it happened to me the first time, that Revolut was preventing me from paying my coffee at a known Café-Branch in London. The reason was, that the “Location based security”-Service wasn’t able to determine my position.

What about if the Revolut App would request if the payment should be executed despite the “I can’t determine your location”-issue.

An other idea would be, that you snooze the “Location based security”-function a defined time span. E.g. the next 15 min, 30 min.

Best wishes,


Hello Simon,

Thank you for your feedback and your time.

Do you know that you can disable/enable the security features of your card in the security section of the app?




Hi Andreas,

yes, I know this function. May be I should have written some more information about this practical experience I made in this situation. I think it is a convenience and clarity thing.

I was standing at the counter and was asked to pay. I held the card at the edge of the transaction device to pay contactless. Then the information showed up “… not authorized”.

Then I tried to pay with the chip by sliding the card into the device and I became the same message “… not authorized”.

This was irritating. I was thinking “Do I have enough money on the card? Yes.” Hmm. Must be a temporary failure I can’t influence. So luckily I found enough cash in my pocket.

In this situation didn’t came in my mind that the cause could be the “location security feature”.

Later the two transaction tries were shown up in the app and I understood what the problem was. But I didn’t understood it in the situation.

So, my thought was, how could this “location security feature” be better handle a situation like this.

If the App can’t recognize what my position is, then I could give me a hint and ask me, if it’s ok or not.

That’s what I tried to say. Hopefully it’s more understandable.

Best wishes,


May be the “snoozing”-function could be added by an adjustable radius of NN km or miles? E.g. 10km, 20km, 50km. That could help to loosen the paymentablility temporary around the last know position compared with “you can’t pay because I can’t recognize the current position of your smartphone”.


my experience with this security, is that it uses broad location.
so if you are in london, or even UK, it accepts it.


Hey Fernando, nice to meet you. But why it did not work? Then it is a bug?


@MampfderEchte guess only support can debug that.
i remember my 1st attempts also resulted in fail payments.
after i contact support, blocked my card, readd, it started working fine.

since then, i’ve had the location feature enabled , payed stuff online all across europe and it never failed


Hi again,

Just to clarify, that if you have enabled the location settings on your app, your card and your phone have to be relatively closed to each other at the time of the transaction. Otherwise, there is a location mismatch which declines the transaction.




Hi Fernando,

thank you for your tip. I’ll chat with the support in the app and give it a try. :slight_smile:

Hi Andreas,

my smartphone was in my pocket so may be 30 to 50cm distance to the payment machine. If my smartphone (iPhone) can’t recognize my location by GPS, then it’ll not work, i think. Or may I’m wrong. Thank you for your support!

Best wishes to all


Recently I had the experience, that my smartphone was in flight-modus and I could pay with the card. That was fantastic but felt also a bit odd, cause again in the same Coffee-Shop in Central-London I couldn’t pay with my card and the flight-modus was not activated. Isn’t it confusing?


@MampfderEchte i suspect that the payment in the airplane was done offline.
it will hit your card in a couple of days


This just happened to me in a cab in Dublin. I live in the UK, flew to Dublin, tried to pay a cabbie with my phone next to me. Fail, due to “Merchant location is different than yours” or some such thing.
I read these posts and disabled location-based security. Hopefully it will work now.


Hi Andreas
I am trying to disable Location based security, but I don’t seem to have that option in app. Are you able to help please?
Thank you,


Go to the card section and find the security options.


Two issues with this. I recently went through two French autoroute toll booths, 30km apart, same operator. First worked, second failed.

1: The error message is “declined”. No reason.

2: The card was in the reader, the phone in the car both times, so maybe 2m separation. The two sites are well separated, see above.

So the “location” is definitely closer than “same country”.

All in all a poor experience, as there is no indication of what is going on at the point of failure.

Consider also that it is not unusual to use cards indoors where GPS won’t work at all. I can think of lots of places where I could move many miles without the phone being able to get a location.