Location based security ? Fail!


Today when I re-logged in to my account today, I was offered Location Based Security. So I turned it on. This evening I used the card successfully for one purchase but when I tried to use it 45 minutes later the card was declined. Now I have 3 pending transactions showing for the declined attempts!
I then received a Revolut notification about the Location Based Security. When I clicked on it the app opened and no sign of the notification message. (What’s that about!)
I have been the US two weeks using the card, it should know my location!
I turned off the Location Based Security and used the card successfully today.


Hello @beeare,

Once you turn this feature on in the app, we will use your phone’s location to determine if your card has been compromised and help prevent fraudulent transactions.

For example, if you and your phone are in Germany and a transaction is attempted in Hong Kong with your card details - we will stop the transaction from going through. The logic behind this is if you’re in Germany, there’s a high chance the person in Hong Kong trying to use your card details isn’t you!


I don’t think you read my post properly.
Was your reply an auto response?