Location-based security blocked payment

Does anyone have experience with location-based security?

I was shopping in my local drugstore today and couldn’t pay because location-based security was activated and blocked the payment. I thought this was a useful feature because the function for blocking payments abroad is missing. But it’s of absolutely no use to me. And I even had the app open in the store. So the location should be known. Anyone have any idea what happened? I paid with Gpay.


The feature matches your location with the location of the payment processor. Sometimes, brands use centralised processing. Let’s say you’re shopping at a Bodyshop branch in Leeds. But its centralised payment processing is registered at its headquarters in London. The payment fails because locations don’t match.

The feature can help prevent fraudulent transactions but it has its limits and it’s useful to understand how it works. It’s a compromise between convenience and an extra level of security.


Hello @kshb :wave: ,

We’re sorry to hear that you had trouble with the payment. Thank you for sharing your experience with us - it means a lot!

Adding to what Frank mentioned, I’d like to point out that location-based verifies your mobile device’s last known location against the card terminal’s location during a payment. If there’s a discrepancy, the transaction could be declined to ensure the safety of your funds in case of card theft. Just a heads up, this feature is specifically for physical cards and doesn’t apply to virtual cards. :credit_card:

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