Local NOK account numbers

With the introduction of local account numbers in Norway I can now receive my salary and other local transfers into my account, but why can’t I send them? I still have to use IBAN + BIC/SWIFT to make a NOK payment.


Woah, they added local NOK account numbers?

Edit: mine still show as the Revolut Ltd pooled account

Yes. They announced last week that they would be rolling out a beta with local NOK account numbers for people who signed up through the link in the email. Today I got an email saying I got a local NOK account number and I had.

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Oh, that’s pretty neat regardless. Looks like Revolut is really planning to be on the ball now when they said they’d be going for local accounts and trying to not promise things they aren’t going to be able to reasonably meet.

Now all we need to wait for is the ability to pick the card type issued and Revolut will be usable everywhere :grin:

To be fair, they first promised that the local accounts would be here in May, however. I am happy to see they finally made it available. When it is out of beta and you can both send and receive local transfers, I would much more like to see support for Apple Pay than the option to pick card type, but each to their own I guess.

PS. You can already get both card types; Basic is VISA and Premium/Metal is MasterCard.

Yeah to be honest for Revolut to have much of the value that they intend to have some day, they need local accounts for every single currency they support. That was the whole draw, fee-free sending money around the world!

Lucky for you guys, here used to be Visa but now its complete flip to Mastercard only, but they say its by availability and you might get issued Visa, which is a lie or they’re misinformed. Have checked daily because I want a Visa but I can’t find any.

Also wouldn’t mind a Maestro to carry around!

Do you happen to know what partner bank they are using to issue the local account numbers?

Maybe there’s a thing like the sort code account checkers? But for local Norway accounts.

I think they should introduce some of the active forum members to these betas to be honest, so we can give some feedback to the people that are getting fed up with Revolut taking a while.

It’d just give them some knowledge that Revolut is indeed moving forward, even if they don’t advertise it greatly. (I just want access to beta features tbh) :wink:

Is this something that you guys could make something like this happen @anon71086934 @anon33247966, it might bring some more life back to the forums in the process!

There is, Norwegian local account numbers are in the format of “xxxx yy zzzzc” where the “xxxx” is a bank registration number. “yy” is a special group thing. “zzzz” is the local bank identification number. “c” is a control.

I assumed there would be, if there wasn’t a spec for them then the transactions wouldn’t be properly routed

I am glad to see that there is progress in the concern of local bank accounts.

Now I’d like the beta for the Swiss bank account :smiley:

I would also like some Swiss account details. Planning on holding money in CHF to beat Brexit GBP slump. Helps that Swiss Franc is super stable.

Hi, I’m very interested in a local NOK account. Added it to my account profile but it keeps showing GBXX IBAN. Is that what you get as well?

Are you living in Norway? Currently Revolut is only offering local details to Norwegian residents.

Although I’m sure @anon33247966 would be able to shed some light on when Revolut is actually going to provide the rest of the users with PLN/NOK local accounts?

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Hi, thanks for reply. Am legal resident (hello UDI) but no residential address as it’s part of my workplace maybe 8 days a month.

Would love a NOK account though…save us expats some headaches. Have however been assured by :r: CSO that any salary I receive in NOK should stay NOK and not suffer unnecessary conversion or fees.

Then I’m afraid you’re not going to be able to get one as they require proof of address to change your locality, AFAIK. Your residency card (if Norway grant them) may be enough to get the details and base currency if you ask to complain though, as you say you’re a legal resident and I presume can prove that.

It’ll be sent as a SWIFT transfer so although Revolut may not deduct fees, I’m relatively sure their intermediary banks may do so (and do).

I’m also pretty sure your employer is unlikely to want to do SWIFT transfers, as they’re expensive.

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I am trying to send NOK to autopass ferry via transfer. Quoting IBAN, BIC and customer number but keeps being rejected. Anyone know why?

They use Danske Bank (8603)

Where is this stated?

Here, that they’re provided. That and @BendikHa has mentioned he has them, along with a few friends I have in Norway.

No one I know outside Norway has them, same with PLN and Poland.

If this is wrong (which I’m 90% sure it isn’t since no matter how much I ask they haven’t given me either local details) then I’ll edit my post!