Local IBAN

You don’t have to do this at all, but I agree that Revolut and others shouldn’t and shouldn’t have to offer local IBAN

Why not create virtual account?
Why local banks in every country in the world?

Liferando just refused my GB Iban requesting a local one…

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it’s illegal , they cannot do that.

Inform them that they have an obligation to accept any SEPA IBAN and that you’ll report them for not accepting it

I only found a link to the Central Bank of Ireland but it refers to the legal requirement to accept all IBANs from all European countries instead of insisting on a local IBAN. The whole point of the SEPA regulation is to remove borders and barriers to allow consumers having a bank account in any member state and using it across Europe.


In Ireland, VHI health insurance didn’t accept my German IBAN until I told them about legislation. As far as I know, they only put my specific IBAN on their whitelist but still show that customers have to use an Irish IBAN. The same happened with a few other companies in Germany and Ireland and from what I can read pretty much everywhere. They discriminate against their (potential) customers, they break European law and the lawmakers don’t really tackle that issue and fine companies to my knowledge.


it’s the same for most of the french or italian companies. But don’t worry, when you threat them that they will be reported and they will get a fine for that, they will change their mind if they are clever. TIM (Telecom Italia) was fined in Italy for millions of euros for not accepting non-IT ibans, several months ago.


There used to be a Czech bank account available in Revolut for local transfers of CZK (within Czechia), starting this June (https://www.mesec.cz/clanky/kolik-stoji-revolut-a-jak-na-nej-posilat-penize/#h315). Now there’s just a Lithuanian IBAN. What has happened? When is the Czech local account coming back?

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I still have british account but I know that I’ll be also moved to Lithuania soon… so I’ve same question… I don’t wanna lose the option to send CZK from my CZ bank account to :r: without stupid fees.

IBAN will be moved from Brittany (GB) to Lithuania (LT). Revolut seems to do nothing about SEPA updates with new IBAN : do you confirm ? Furthermore, they are not able to give you the full list of actives SEPA mandates. How to do such modification easier for customers ?

Hello, i have a local IBAN and i should get a payment from Sweden for now more 3 weeks ago but my money has never reached Revolut system and support in app is just terrible og wont help me in this case. My 15000 norwegian krone is gone now, i have nothing now, Revolut team cant find my funds at all and they refusing to help me becouse my damn money has never arrived to Revolut system.
My senders bank confirm that the money has been transferred to my LOCAL IBAN in Norway, but @Revolut refusing that the money has arrived at their system, so now I’m sitting here for nearly a month with no money.
Any ides from some kind body?
I appreciate all the feedback and advice rund this case.
Thanks so much!! Be safe!

Have you doubled checked the correct BIN was used?
How long has it taken ?

I have checked more than 10 times and the IBAN was absolutely correct. It has taken now more then 3 weeks. Payment has been done 09.09 but still no money in my account. My sender has been in contact with his own bank and he has been told that the money has been transferred successfuly.
But @Revolut team won’t dt find my funds and they are saying that the money HAS NEVER REACHED OUR SYSTEM, but what kind of system is it exactly?

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Try to ask for a bank statement from the sender. It will show that the money was sent as well as the bank account number where it was sent to. Once you have it in hand you can try talking again with Revolut.

Yes exactly how Qonto does right now in France, Spain, and Italy if I’m not wrong.

Looks like Revolut is planning to introduce a DE IBAN for German customers in 2021:

Im gleichen Jahr strebt Revolut eine lokale Gesellschaft, eine lokale IBAN und eine deutsche Bafin-Lizenz, wobei noch nicht ganz klar ist, welche.


I just hope that I can keep using my new LT IBAN, because I don’t want to be forced to change it everywhere yet again.

although it would be very nice to have that, it is not necessary. in fact, if an employer refuses a foreign IBAN to send salary, they are violating european against IBAN discrimination. revolut have made excellent article. if you point the laws that protect your IBAN out, your employer should still pay you on your foreign IBAN. don’t let your employer ever discriminate your IBAN.
Fighting against IBAN discrimination (revolut.com)

I think it would be a great addition if Revolut could issue local IBAN’s for their customers depending in which country they live. With a European Bank license they should be able to issue in all EU countries local numbers.

In fact I would like to pay (up to €15 a year) to get that done as in the Netherlands some companies really make it hard to accept Revolut. And with the help of iDeal a lot has been fixed but yet some still refuse.

Not quite. You would have to install local subsidiaries in most (if not all) countries. This is controlled by local (national) financial authorities.

Bunq, for example, recently registered a German branch in Cologne to achieve this.

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Does the freedom of travel and economic trading within the EER not apply for this situation, or more a local authority issue?

Maybe Revolut should check with Brussel to be able to issue EU Ibans (EU12REVO34567890) could be interesting and might be an option against IBAN discrimination

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