Local Danish accounts?

Hey guys. I found this article stating that Danske Bank is going to help offer local Nordic account numbers. Does anyone know if this is going to be implemented in Denmark? I know Norway has local accounts now but if it’s Danske Bank that’s offering it then it seems kind of backwards to provide a non-Danish account first.

Here is the article in question: https://techsavvy.media/revolut-makes-its-nordic-entrance-looks-to-become-your-financial-control-center/


Now if only they could offer local Nordic accounts to all of Revolut users!

Would be great
To have a local number, easyway to transfer fast amount into the account every month

+1 for local Danish accounts!

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Any news?
Revolut has teamed up with Danske Bank to offer local, Nordic bank accounts.
Was februar 22, 2018

Not as far as I can tell

The only local accounts in Scandinavia as of yet are Norwegian accounts for Norwegian citizens.

Isn’t it residents rather than citizens? I’d like to hope if I moved to Norway tomorrow I would get one :joy:

You might be right, but I would assume you would have to prove that you are a legal resident paying lease or something

Yeah I believe to change your Revolut registered address you have to provide proof of address, which is a shame :pensive:

FYI, TransferWise has a beta waitlist as of right now (I received an email) with local account details for Denmark, Norway, and for Sweden.

I did not receive the email. Is there a link where one can sign up?

They have an old blog post about it. Apparently it has been a long time coming, so you might receive an email in the coming days if you have a balance in one of those currencies to participate in the beta.

I’m not sure if we are allowed to link, but just google it.

@AndreasK I’m still waiting for access for the rest of your users :slight_smile: to the local details