Local current account in PLN


Revolut already offers current accounts in GBP and in EUR. It would be great if we could activate local account in PLN and in other currencies!

Now I can can top-up by card in PLN without fees, but if I wanted to withdraw PLN, I would have to pay SWIFT fee.

If I would like to avoid SWIFT fees, I’d have to convert the amount to euro, send SEPA transfer to my other account in EUR (outside of Revolut), convert the amount to PLN (outside of Revolut) and send it to my PLN bank account.

I think having local PLN account in Revolut would solve this problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Two Bank Accounts Top up

Could you elaborate this problem?
Do you mean ATM withdrawal over 800 PLN?
I am asking because I’ve transferred PLN from Revolut to BZWBK, Alior, ING, Credit Agricole without any fee…


That’s interesting.
I suppose these went as SWIFT transfers in PLN.
Could you tell what amounts (more or less) you transferred?
Was it ~100 PLN, ~1000 PLN, more?
Could you also check in your bank, for one of these past transfers - which bank the transfer comes from (usually can be found by sending IBAN number)?

I know that for small amounts there is usually no fee levied by intermediary banks, but for higher amounts they may appear. I would like to start using Revolut to pay my bills in PLN, but I have never tried cause of these fees of intermediary banks that are never sure to be 0 (or even low).


Amount is not important. To send PLN to Poland Revolut uses PEKAO III O. in Warsaw :grin:
To be exact The Currency Cloud Limited doing it in their name…


That’s great, thanks!