Local Bank Transfers - Australian Bank Accounts


Similar point to my other post about ACH transfers for US banks.

Revolut Support has told me on chat that sending money from Revolut to an Australian bank will be sent via SWIFT.

This causes fees at the receiving bank.

Would love to see future support to have these transfers sent via a local transfer (like Transferwise has been doing).



Should be coming soon.

:r: expanding to the US and East Asia (Including Australia and New Zealand) by Q1 2018.


Doh! I have known about the expansion for a while now. I should of placed two and two together. :grin:



Is this still in pipeline? If so, when exactly (you gave exact details for UK IBAN rollout)?

Happy premium customer :slight_smile:


As far as we know, ABA are still in the pipes, they should come when they roll out to Australia, in Q1 2018. We think they will open to the US (with ACH) around the same time.