Loans - Revolut USA

I was surprised to note that my friend had Loans product in his app under Credit section. But I have not yet received it in my app. Not sure if Revolut has this product under beta mode here in the USA. Anyone else sees this product in the app??

Perhaps you can confirm your jurisdiction by editing your post.
Loans are a feature IIRC where Revolut Bank is featured such as with Revolut LT and there are other jurisdictions. This article is specific to the US if that is where you are for example.

hi @Graham_Lees,
The title refers to Revolut USA.

True, but members from other jurisdictions look for information too.
I apologise if I offended you. It was not my intention.
Was the link helpful?

Not at all @Graham_Lees
I know that this is a common forum for all Revolut fans from all over the world. That’s why I try to indicate my posts are relevant to US customers.
I think it may be the time to open a new category as Revolut-USA just like the way Monzo has