Lloyds IBAN and SWIFT/BIC mismatch via wire transfer


Hello from Greece,
as i was trying to top-up my revolut account via wire transfer in my e-banking account, i entered the BIC and IBAN from my revolut app. My e-banking displays a message that the specific BIC does not exist.

What is going wrong? Please Help.

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I did have the same problem today but I had continued the operation. Hope my money will arrive on my account.


Hi @PavlosK,

Have you tried to contact your bank?


Hi Andreas
The reason for posting here was to see if anyone else from Greece using the same method or even bank had the same problem.
As a revolut team member could you tell me that there is nothing suspicious and the info on my revolut app are checked and correct. If so i will contact my bank.


I experienced something similar: after I entered the IBAN my bank auto-generated a BIC slightly different from the one given by Revolut. I proceeded with the transfer anyway and received the funds in due time.
Rather than your bank, contact Revolut. Maybe they just gave us the wrong BIC. Good luck!


Hi guys,

Apologies for any miscommunication or inconvenience that has been caused.

If your bank is not recognising the BIC/SWIFT code please use this LOYDGB2LCTY.

Lloyd’s confirmed that it will work too.


Andreas K.

BIC not working??


I would like to add my experience to this discussion.

A while ago, the app switched from a Barclays account to a Lloyds account for top-ups via bank transfers in EUR.

The app shows me this Swift-Code/BIC: LOYDGB21F09.

I was putting in the new IBAN and my bank’s electronic banking was replacing this BIC with a more generic one, that does not point to a specific bank branch or department: LOYDGB2LXXX.

Since an IBAN is already a unique combination of bank identifier and account number, I am confident that the transfer will go through without problems. I just wanted to add my observation, that it seems to be common that banks might “overwrite” a specific Swift code with the one generated from the IBAN while making a SEPA wire transfer.


Hi Frank,
Did your transfer go through ? Mine came back. I cannot contact my bank, Revolut is helpless and I need to top up my Revolut card…


Hi @Joe971, I will report how it turned out.


Thanks ! I’ll try again but… this is annoying


Make sure to enter the reference code.


I did, and the previous time I had mentioned it also… Hope it will work now


What did you do different then?

Fingers crossed.


Thanks Frank ! We’ll see ! please let me know how it goes for you. After my first trial, I started worrying because after 5 days the amount was not added on my Revolut Card. Today the money came back and support service told me to see with my bank. But my bank is only online, I am abroad and it will be hard and expensive to call them… so I try again and cross fingers ! Where do you send your money from ?


Hello again,

the wire transfer arrived today around 10 am at my Revolut account. I initiated the transfer at Friday, Feb. 24th around 1 pm from my German bank account (BIC: SSKNDE77XXX).

Less than 24 h is pretty good for an international transfer, I would say. And I can confirm that it worked with the BIC (LOYDGB2LXXX) that was automatically derived from the IBAN.


Ok, great, thank you for letting me know ! You’re right the time frame is good.


The bank I use also comes up with the LOYDGB2LXXX BIC automatically and wouldn’t let me override it. I had some doubts about it initially but it seemed to work fine and my first transfer to the new account was credited within 2 days.

While it’s currently the 4th day since I sent the second one using the same template and I am still waiting for the money to arrive, whatever the cause for the delay is this time, I think it’s safe to assume that the automatically-selected SWIFT/BIC code is fine and safe to use, especially as it’s supposed to be the first 8 characters of the code that matter the most anyway.


Please reach our in-app support team so they can take a look.


Hello there.
I am from Greece and I am using the National Bank of Greece ( NBG ) to top-up my Revolut account. Of course I have the same swift/bic mismatch problem.
I contacted the support team through the APP ( I am using Android but this doesn’t matter ) and the support agent first wrote that the given by the application swift/bic is correct and valid ( LOYDGB21F09 ) and the auto fill-in by the bank not good ( LOYDGB2L ). He suggested me, to ask my bank ( NBG ) to update theirs swift/bic lists.
Revolut please get serious, very big banks like NBG is not a shop to step in inside and ask things… If there is something wrong, please contact the Bank and suggest what to do. That is the proper way to dealing with such problems. And I need to report that from this thread there are same problems with other banks even outside Greece…

I hope this time, a good Revolut representative or support team, to do what they supposed to do…

Let’s have some hope,

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

P.S. I did not test what @AndreasK from Revolut team has been suggested i.e. to use swift/bic LOYDGB2LCTY next time I will try it BUT THIS IS NOT what the app given any way.


Hi @mikekgr, my online banking does the same replacement. Since IBANS are designed to contain all informations (account + bank identifier) in one, my bank just deprives the BIC from the IBAN and replaces it with this:

LOYDGB2LXXX (LOYDGB2L is the same)

And: It works just fine! Money arrives usually within one working day on my Revolut account.