Lloyds Bank banned credit card payments for Crypto


Hi Revolut community,

This morning i heard on the news that Lloyds bank have officially banned the use of credit cards for the purchasing of crypto currency.

QUESTION: Since the UK and EU banks with Revolut are in fact Lloyds bank accounts, do you see this having any significant impact on us when trying to receive/send money from exchanges like Coinbase, Bitstamp or Kraken?

I think this question might best be directed at @andreas




Hi @ben_lui8,

I’d also like to know this and ill mention @AndreasK because you forgot the k.



While @AndreasK is more able to answer, apparently the ban only applies to credit cards.
Considering revolut cards are prepaid debit we shouldn’t be affected imho


They did not ban crypto buying. They banned buying it with CREDIT CARD which is a big difference! Banks are worried people wont be able to pay they CREDITS. Banks are not worried how you spend the money you actually have.


Virgin Money have now done the same.


I see that at the weekend Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan, Capital One and Discover did as well.



My revolut card is rejected by coinbase. Do you have the same problem ?


Hey @Lisandru :slight_smile:

Yes. :r: is not allowing payments to CeX.io


Hi there. We no intention of banning purchases through our cards.


Thank you for the answer. I hope you find a solution to this problem soon. :wink: