Living in Poland and waiting for my new resident card


I am currently living in Poland for years already and wanted to have my physical card from Revolut, they asked me to verify myself, everything was fine until they have asked me to show a proof of living in EEA, so my problem is I’m currently living in Poland and I have applied to new resident card but it’s not easy I’m waiting for it for a year already ( yeah that’s true, they say it’s so crowded and it’s affecting to get my decision) anyways, I have shown as proof of my 2 previous resident cards, and one visa that I have currently, am I gonna have negative or positive from Revolut?

PS. Revolut, please change your camera function on the app dude. On the camera, it was looking readable but after taking it the ID wouldn’t well read, so I got angry and sent it how it was. sorry.

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Visas should be accepted. Check the FAQs!

If your passport was issued in a country outside of the European Union, you will also need to provide evidence of your right to remain via the in-app support. This can be a visa, a European passport or a residence permit. Please contact the in-app support for further details.