Living abroad, currency account abroad, top up

Hi, I live in Poland ad the moment and I have a polish account but also I have currency account in gbp in this same bank in Poland.

My question is.

Can I transfer gbp from Polish currency account without paying international transfer fees?

Best regards.

I’m afraid not. Transferring GBP from a Polish bank to a British bank is a standard international SWIFT transfer.

Millenium Bank (Konto 360) and Nest charged for this. However, you can still use your card and be charged in GBP. This might be free or cheaper :slight_smile:

Thanks for answer for my question. I kind of knew that is the case. But I
was hoping revolut found the solution to get it around.

What about paypal?

I have Polish and UK PayPal. Maybe curency transfer to PL PayPal and then
from PayPal to Revolut?

One solution would be to:

  • setup a GBP account with Alior Kantor (
  • ask for the debit card for your GBP account (free, if used at least once in the first 6 months)
  • transfer GBP to Alior Kantor, and then charge Revolut with the GBP debit card

I don’t know which bank in Poland you have your GBP account currently. Unfortunately in most cases, even national currency transfers are considered “international SWIFT transfers” by Polish banks.

The solution here could be to use Walutomat ( to do the GBP transfer to Alior Kantor.


  • Your bank account in GBP --> Walutomat (most probably transfer is for free and should be in under 1h)
  • Walutomat GBP --> Alior Kantor GBP
  • Alior Kantor Debit card in GBP --> Revolut

Tanks a lot Karol, this will definitely help me with my problem.

Dzieki wielkie

No problem :slight_smile: