live without tax return and legal untaxed money

My EU country of residence’s tax system is remittance based. Meaning, when I travel outside the country and earn money, which is not remitted to an account or ATM in my country of residence, it doesn’t need to be declared/taxed. I triple checked this and got confirmation from a tax adviser.

I travel and work online. I am using my company which is registered in a tax heaven. As long as no income is generated in the tax heaven, which I don’t to keep things simple, the tax heaven country doesn’t want a tax declaration from me, hence I won’t get a tax return.

Maybe you could call me a digital nomad.

When revolut asks for my tax return for account verification purposes it will not explain where the majority from my money is coming from.

tax fraud (illegal): no
tax avoidance (legal): yes

It took me a long time to research and set up this structure.

If revolut finds that uncommon, which it probably is, I don’t mind revolut reporting me to any authorities in home country, country of residence, country of incorporation or elsewhere since my setup is fully legal and doesn’t need to be hidden. I don’t mind my tax adviser to explaining this to any tax authorities.

What however I do mind about is revolut turning into an investigate body itself.

What do I tell revolut support? “Forget about my tax return, this is my setup (as described above), here are my bank account statements and invoices by my company”? Would that work?

I find this very intrusive.

What if I say no to the requests?

Will my money in revolut be blocked indefinite?

Would revolut report me to any authorities? And would authorities reply back something like “Thanks for the report. No irregularities found. Unlock client funds.”?


Out of curiosity: where is your country of residence?

I have a similar “problem”, in my case income is taxed way higher than dividends. So I initially planned to set up a company in a tax haven like Mauritius or a Dubai FZE or something similar and get regular dividends instead of invoice income but your system also looks nice.

Thanks for sharing.

google “countries without income tax”

google “countries with territorial tax system” (but then your money must come from abroad, ideally from a tax heaven setup and you must not get involved in the local economy)

It’s called “flag theory”, other good google searches are “digital nomad”.

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@maya did you get your issue solved?