Live Support does not respond for a week about my blocked account with money.

Hello everyone,
My account was blocked and Live Support asked me a few questions like “what’s my source of income and what kind of top-up methods I used”

I clearly explained them everything and also confirmed all the cards that I used to top-up and also explained about cash top-up terminals that I used.

Nonetheless, a year ago I already confirmed my source of income by toping up my Revolut limits into about ±100k and this year when I logged in I saw that there was only 50k limit. So how come they decreased them?

Also, my money is in my account and now I cannot withdraw them or use them anyway, it’s about a week and my Revolut account is still blocked and it says that I need to contact customer support, but they do not answer me at all… I am blind here without my money for over a week!

Please help!

Hey @Mantas2 :slight_smile:

The three things that come to my mind:

  • file a formal complaint
  • ask for an update through Twitter (this does work)
  • wait for @AndreasK or @jessicaz

Thanks @Juliopp ! I will try