Live Chat Not Working!

Sorry for disappointing you but it’s only an automated number. :robot:

Revolut does not have an telephone service. Everything is done through the in app customer service agents. Twitter and Facebook agents are plan B if you issues with accessing your account. :disappointed:

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I’m waiting 5 days, should I be concerned?

I had been struggling to get support and resolve my issue that is pending since 19 June & my salary is not credited.
This is absolutely frustrating when we don’t get answers from live char sessions and I had been waiting for days to see if someone on live chat will reply to me.

There has to be some way to approach someone who can resolve issues Any suggestion pls…

Greetings :wave::handshake:

Sorry to hear about your experience.

Unfortunately the rules state with suspected AML procedures (Which maybe the reason you may have been locked out of your account) is that you are required to wait for the initial time period of up to 7 days if you live in the U.K.

Revolut will never tell you the reason why your account is locked as it would be illegal to do so as it’s a legal term called ‘tipping off’ and subjected to them being fined, or that particular individual arrested for disclosing the information.

If Revolut has been instructed otherwise by the NCA (National Crime Agency), you may need to wait up to 31 calendar days before you have a response although in extreme circumstances it may take even longer.

Some useful information.



Also if you don’t live the U.K, I strongly recommend to check the laws in your own jurisdiction so that you can better understand the process and get legal advice if Revolut is playing hardball after the timeframe.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful to you. :disappointed:

I am also having this problem I am really upset and distressed it has said looking for live agent for hours now.

My money is pending and I am really upset

I have been waiting 1 week for a response

Thanks for info.
I am waiting for more than 7 days.

Plus I also don’t know if my account is block or active. I see that transaction of my salary but it says pending since 19th June.

Who & by when will someone inform me?

If you can access the app and navigate around it, you’re not blocked but could be limited (I will only know if you haven’t been asked for more information from Revolut). I do know they had an issue not too long ago regarding money going into the accounts but that has been resolved…

Have you contacted their Twitter or Facebook profile yet? Revolut’s social media team maybe able to help you out. You may have to wait a while but if you feel you’re being ignored on the in app chat, their social team is really the only way then. :pray:

i did, but they blocked me directly…

Thanks for info. However I approached their social media team and they’ve not helped me saying they can’t resolve transaction issues.

Is there anyway to call anyone or contact anyone while keep waiting for chat. The chat response is killing my patience. Thank you!’

That would be basically skipping the line.

Here’s my approach: whenever I want the support getting anything done, I write everything in detail into the chat. After that’s done, I ask for the “live agent”. That way, the agent can deal with my case without getting back to me once someone is allocated to my query. I treat it like writing an email, not actually “chatting”. I know that’s not always possible, but when it is, it speeds up the process considerably and it doesn’t matter when someone gets to it in the middle of the night.

Live chat not working

Why the live chat is not working since 3 days ?
We aren’t able to contact anyone ?
No other way to contact the client support ??

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I am also waiting for an agent for 4 days now. What is going on?!

I am waiting for an agent response for 3 days now.

I cannot close the chat, thus I cannot request another agent!

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Try this: New users: Please read this first for help!

Live chat is not working! How can I contact otherwise?

Check my post above yours.

Hi there
Live Chat isn’t working and I need to speak to someone, can anyone please contact me?