Live Chat Not Working!


I’ve been trying to talk to someone on your Live Chat (a “live agent”) for some time. I’m typing “Live Agent” and not even getting an acknowledgement message back now! Is your Chat service down? Why is Rita not acknowledging me?


Hi there. What’s the exact error message?


Hello Andreas,

Live chat is not really working for me. I had written a message 2 hours ago and it got deleted, I had to write it again a few minutes ago. I guess it’s happening because of the chat problems. Now it says that the live chat is offline.

I am attaching 2 screenshots, one with an error message, and another one with my message - do you know anything I can do about my verification problem?

Thanks in advance



Please let me have a look for you.


I am in exactly the same position- with £401 on card and same messages from support please help - my card is blocked since Sunday


If just your card (not your account) is blocked, you might be able to unblock it by yourself. Go to the card section, tap “unfreeze”, like it’s written on the screenshot you posted. Have you tried this?


Hi there, my live chat turned into a FAQ’s area. I have no option to write and ask any questions. Anyone knows how to get the live chat back?


What do you mean? Support chat is online for me and still available in the app.


You are right, sorry. I never realised that there were two tabs at the top. Since I signed up to Revolut the support chat always opened as a live chat and not as “support centre”