Live Chat not working to contact revolut support

I face the same issue since yesterday :triumph::triumph::triumph:

I am in the same boat. My salary is not yet credited

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Hello, I was waiting to contact with support for 6 days. Now someon contacted with me (John Paul) and I replied to him. But when I turned off screen and turn it on back again I cant see any new chats in app - only old. Whats going on? I was waiting for so long and now I cant reply :frowning: @AndreasK

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COVID situation is making it worse. You can read the following article:

@AndreasK could you please help mr with the same issue. I cannot acces my app and no one has reply to me. This is an urgent matter. Thanks

Finally got a response from chat and my payment is released. All is back to normal.


Day 7 - still looking for an agent. The wait continues…
I’m in desperate mode.

Please check

(and reading some older posts might help too!)

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IHi, there. I have a aptly the same problem being a metal card holder. 4 days no response and I can not close the chat. Please advise how you have solved the problem i f possible. Thank you

Hello community
I meet a lot of problems with this bank. It’s never happened before in my life. I was scammed they block my account, with my money. I can’t have access to my money, for more than 5 days. So yesterday they contact me on the app chat, and they unlock my account, but they take all my money from the account, and they give me just 11,87£ :joy:. It’s crazy what is happening. I have should have more than 5000£ in totally on my balance.