Live Chat not working after 2 days


I’ve an incoming payment missing for over a month. Someone was looking into it, and said it was being forwarded to the relevant team. Though chat is online, typing a message gets zero response, nothing, I’m typing live agent. It’s Reay important and I don’t know what to do!


Hey @St_George :slight_smile:

The chat will look unresponsive while you’re being assigned a dedicated agent, which unfortunately can take a while :frowning:

No response from help team on transfere

@AndreasK I am afraid. I guess there is no going home for him in the next few days :wink:


Hi there. Your chat has been escalated to our transfer investigation queue. Please allow time and a member of the team will contact you shortly.


I have the same issues, I’m fully paid up premium account. Waiting for a transfer into the account - does it really take 96 hrs to review such things? Not sure what benefit being a premium member is, if it still takes days to settle an incoming deposit.


Also having the same issue. Such a bad service as they used to solve this issues directly with first agent. Don’t know what has changed but the lack of response and information is useless.


Yes, I’m really not happy as it’s been over a month money was sent from HSBC and the funds are with Revolut, confirmed, not returned and I have the reference number. I bank with Monzo, all web chat and they are quick, friendly and efficient. Waiting this long is making me seriously reconsider, and Transfer Wise gave me a debit card so I’m looking at things and thinking Revolut is maybe not working out for me.