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same problem. live agent will not show up. help!

@JessicaZ @AndreasK same here plz dm me

ii doare la basca , eu nu mai pot sa ma loghez in aplicatie , si pe twitter imi zice sa comunic cu un agent in aplicatie , sunt dusi cu pluta , am fost la atm sa scot niste bani , banca dumneavoastra a refuzat tranzactia ! din ce in ce mai multi oameni patesc chestii din astea !

Dear customer service- I have been a victim of a phishing scam. I contacted Revolut ( Rita) through the in app chat, same day 9 of May 2020. I was passed through a lady called Allison I passed all my details, even a selfie with my passport and a photo with the newspaper of the day. even mobile number and model, I attach the phising email. Allison told me "“thanks you, Salvatore. We have a specific team who will assist you further on this matter and I will have to pass you to them. Due to the high demand for their service, waiting time can take longer than expected for them to get in touch with you. However, once they do, the process should be smooth. Thank you for chatting with me. Please stay tuned until someone takes over the chat”. 4 days since that chat conversation and I haven’t received any communication at all. First question, can someone from Revolut contact me please, £900 pounds stolen from me, my account was blocked, i have just the chat and no-one has contacted me in the last 4 days. Please help - second question) When I will be contacted and more important when Revolut will solve this issue for me. Sincerely yours - SG.

@AndreasK i have been locked out of my account for over 24 hours at least i have tried live chat, messenger but nobody will answer me. I need access to my account. Nobody has acknowledged my call for help. This is very urgent

I am also having this issue. Or the they disappear for 20 minutes or so… and yet if I do this, they end the chat. I am expected somehow to stay glued to my phone waiting 20 minutes for them to reply? And also, that 20 minutes was spend asking me for info I’d already provided… so zero value gained for 20 minutes wasted.

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Have been over 12,000 in a queue for 2 months now… Any suggestions?

Hello, Ive been having trouble with my live agent. She just disappeared last Tuesday and havent been answering to my questions since then. What can I do?
Also, the issue Ive been trying do deal with is a transfer, made to my account. I made a bank transfer, purchasing smth at the end of March, and as i sent bigger sum, than i should have, they sent some money back to me. As is turns out, the sender made a transfer to the IBAN they see on the initial transfer, which is not my unique REV iban, but the Iban of the partner bank revolut is using here in Bulgaria. Well, the partner bank assured me they automatically sent the money to revolut, but my live agent could not locate the money and it is still missing. Its been more than a month and a half now and since last week my live agent is gone What can i do from here?

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I think they don’t even care about your issues, guys :))
You can forget your accounts and money. Just start using Monese instead of Revolut


@AndreasK, please can you take a look into my problem? I have been stuck with an agent that doesn’t respond, they asked me for some information and after giving the info my transfer remains pending and the agent doesn’t respond to anything I say. I’ve tried to type “live agent” and “resolved” but is not working.

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This is crazy - my account is blocked to verify source of funds and there is no access to the app, and just a chat option comes up which no body will answer - this is my only account, I have had no access to money for 4 days despite my messages and complaint email. My car is in the garage and I cant pay to get it out, my direct debits are being returned and I have no shopping and children to feed. How long can it possibly take to answer - not sure I can take much more. :frowning:


I have the same problem now. Did you ever get your’s resolved?

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Same here. I can see now that they have kept opening new “chats” asking questions I have already answered. But there are no notifications and unless you happen to actively look for the chat when it’s active you will never notice. Now I’m stuck in an inresponsive chat. Did you get a solution?

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I have the same issue. My account is blocked - unable to use my cards or access any funds, and no one is responding in the chats. I have sent them an email to complain and ask for my money back, and will wait 14 days before then making a formal complain to the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Agreed, I love Revolut, don’t get me wrong, but the fact that the only possible way to connect with another human being for support is through the live chat, where I often get staff who have poor English and don’t understand my query is a little frustrating. I have had support staff simply leave the chat without providing any help.

Hi can you help please I keep been asked to verify my ID, my passport went out of date in April and Ireland is not processing any new applications until lockdown is over.
I have tried to submit my driver’s license and my public service card but both have been rejected and now I cannot access my account and all my savings are in my volt please can you help I am really upset about this

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No resolve yet! Ive now joined twitter and tweeted my problem, Revolut came back and told me they have passed it to another department and to wait to be contacted. Absolutely the worst customer service i have ever known. Shame as I quite liked the rest of revolut .

Did you get your solved yet?

Yes, I got my problem resolved about 30 hours after my tweet. Staying in touch with the agent was a full time job for a day. I was blocked from turning on notifications, so I had to watch the chat all the time so I could answer new questions before the chat closed. It feels like a real accomplishment. I’m proud :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Skickat från min iPhone


Very strange. My account was suspended on 30 April and I didn’t receive any messages from live agents. And I can’t even reach any of them. Guys, better use iCard than this. Revolut is not going to return my money, I can see

Hello @AndreasK I am locked out of my account for I don’t even know how long since I don’t have a phone of my own and a week ago I tried to contact someone in the Revolut app of my family member’s phone and reach for a solution but nothing happened so far and expenses are running, my only bank is Revolut.