Live agent waiting times

Finally got an agent about 4 hours ago. Solved pretty quickly.

Agent started with this:

I would like to apologize for the long wait in the queue, this was caused by an unusual amount of requests at this time.

A three day backlog?! Wow

been trying to get help for the past hours. someone picked it up, then without reason proceeded to redirect which then leaves me in the lurch and unknown as to where I am in the wait queue. I topped up and proceeded to be limited requiring verification. I think it should be obvious that whoever tops up actually requires the funds so even if it should be limited then funds should have been rejected, then account limited. this is very inconvenient. there should also be an option to end the chat and restart the chat so that we can get back in the queue.

Please help sort my account out asap as I need to action a funds transfer on my account. I have uploaded whatever verification materials required and have already verified my account three times so this should not be happening.


Sorry, there is nothing else to do but wait. You can try to reach out to Revolut on twitter.

If my most recent experience is anything to go by, it could be a few days.

It would be nice to know what Revolut is doing to bring the wait times down.


Yeah. Would be great.

However this is only an issue with their compliance team.

Locked out again. It’s been almost three weeks with nothing from CS.

Revolut clearly hasn’t learnt any lessons and has left the compliance team as under-resourced as ever.

I mean, they could have gone through every transaction with a fine toothcomb by now… Plus, I know all about the account - anyone with an ounce of experience could see immediately what I was using it for.

So, I suspect, again, it’s just an automated block with no human resources to do the last, manual step.

Wondering what I would do if I’d used Revolut for share trading… Revolut now provides so many services in one. Pointless if they can’t sort out a blocked account for the best part of a month!

As I’ve been trying and waiting for somebody to chat and solve my Revolut problem, can somebody contact me ASAP. Thanks.

Same problem! I’m waiting from 3 days. My account is locked and i need to access my money NOW! Please help me!

Unfortunately, 3 days is not very long. I was last locked out for a month.

They didn’t even want info from me, so I was probably caught by an automatic trigger.

Anyone relying on Revolut right now - be aware you may be locked out suddenly for months, and keep money elsewhere.

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I’m a premium, and i’m still waiting for an agent for 7 days…
Tried Live agent, resolved, Rita, closed and no success. Any ideas?
My user @ruijorisg



I am also stuck on looking for agent 7 days now my account deactivated for no reason please tell me any ideas get through to them



Sorry to pick up this old thread, but I am in the same situation… waiting!
Can you lock the phone and get a notification when the live agent is finally here?

Yes, that works.


Did you account open automatically after 1 month of waiting cos I been waiting for 4 days now and they don’t want anything from me I wonder what the problem is

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I am also waiting more than 7 days for a live agent. It is asking me for a UK national insurance number to continue my trading account even though I am based in Ireland and therefore do not have a NIS number. I have received an email that says my account will be blocked on 3 November if I don’t provide this information so I am just stuck going around in circles.

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I’ve been waiting now 8 days

…and I which was unhappy to have waited about 20 mins as Metal user…!! :sweat_smile:

Hello, I’m waiting Live agent it almost 10 Days, they are not contacting me, My account is locked and no one answering !

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do but wait. There seems to be no desire from Revolut really to improve waiting times

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