Live Agent not responding / Money blocked


Hi! I have bought something for 100 Euro. From my credit card balance were 2x100 Euro reduced. First Live agent told me that it was a problem by merchant. But merchant told me that this were a problem at revolut and has proofed this. After writing this in chat, I did not get an answer from live agent anymore. My money is still not available! If this takes much more time, I will go to lawyer! This is shit!!!


What is the status of the two transactions - pending or completed? It is most likely only one of the transactions will be completed and the other will remain as pending. The second transaction which remains as pending should then be refunded to your balance after about 7 days. If they both complete you will need to request a chargeback.

I personally wouldn’t bother with a lawyer unless you want to waste your money.


They were both pending, but now both are completed. What is a chargeback and how to do this? I think lawyer will not be wasted money, because I have not autorized the second 100 Euro.


Then why waste your time here? Off to the lawyer :slight_smile:


Request chargeback form from support. As for lawyer, your money, your choice.


No, no, lawyers are way more effective.


Just trying to be helpful :smile::+1:


I know, I know :smiley: and your patience impresses me. I can learn from you :slight_smile:


And stop him/her from wasting their money


One shouldnt stop others from pursuing their dreams though :wink:


Sorry, I have seen that second is not completed. It’s still pending. But why I must wait 7 days for my money now, if they made shit like this. I want my money directly or did they pay my bills?


It may be sooner but it COULD be 7 days.


I hope sooner. Would ask live agent, but it seems to be dead. I am waiting for answer more than 36 hours!


Write “resolved” then live agent if nothing happens after advertised timeframe.
Also I advise you to reach out to them on Twitter. :slight_smile: