Live agent has been blocked


Hi, I asked a question to a live agent, I was put on a waiting list, and it has been 5 hours now despite I’m a premium member.

Worse, I can’t send any new message now, I think that I got blacklisted. What happened ? I didn’t do anything wrong



Support doesn’t work for me either. Logged out and the back in and re-tried. Still doesn’t work.
The metal release effects might not have passed yet.

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If you want support if the live chat won’t work ask on Twitter, they will answer your questions :slight_smile:



Premium support seems to be a joke nowadays. Idk why :neutral_face:



Just to much people who want support because metal and stuff :smile:



Yes I’m sure Metal is the answer.
It’s not really acceptable though is it - especially for Premium members paying for a virtually non existent support service.
It’s been said repeatedly before but Rev can never be regarded as a truly serious player so long as this situation continues IMHO.



7 hours waiting and counting as a premium customer with Premium priority 24/7 support


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I’ve heard they are restructuring their support. Extra lanes for urgent things.






If Premium customers are waiting 7 hrs ++ what hope is there for us ‘free’ customers.

Rhetorical question - I think we all know the answer.

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Idk. Premium user. Counting 11 hours and waiting.
I’m thinking to downgrade for the next few months till they solve the issue.

If they don’t answer in 15 hours I’ll downgrade and use TW for the next 4 months. At least they offer MXN accounts :man_facepalming:

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A standard “free” user here - it’s been more than 24h that i’ve been waiting for support now…

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Why are you a premium user with that fancy Romanian bank card of yours? :stuck_out_tongue:

And if I’m not mistaken, weren’t there initially some wallet currencies in the app before that got removed just like that? Or I got it wrong? Can’t remember precisely…



Im also a premium user…always get help within minutes …sometimes . Maximum was 30 min… the worst?

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Because my bank charges 130€ for a card replacement while I’m abroad. And I’m abroad 90% of the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I keep it with the passport and use it in case of needs :slight_smile: not everywhere and not always.

Like. I won’t use any of my bank’s cards in Indonesia or Latin America. There cloning cards is art…

While with revolut I have no issue. I can cancel and reorder one anywhere :rofl:

So yeah. But I get very annoyed sometimes cis if lack of basic things (3D secure, support)

Anyway. They answered. After I sent them a link of my article about “my 6 months review with revolut” which I made in June, and I was very nice :slight_smile:



Quite to the point, I’d say :slight_smile: That bad in Indonesia or Latin America ha?

As far as the 3D secure is concerned, don’t worry Revolut “has been working on this as we speak” and I’m sure it’d be implemented “soon” :wink:

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Well… yeah. I got one of my credit cards cloned. And many friends too.
Also here are many reports about these areas.

So I don’t use credit cards or bank cards except in secure places (airlines, hotels). Not shops. ATMs. Etc.
Search on google “credit card skimmed in Bali” and you’ll be surprised :))

So yeah. Having 3 revolut cards and constantly alternate the usage while blocking the others is very handy.



Do you actually get notifications of unsuccessful charges on your Revolut account or have you ever got any?



On revolut I didn’t got my cards skimmed yet.

On my bank I got a SMS about a failed transaction in Belize while I was in Asia lol

Cancelled that card. But couldn’t use it anymore and had to wait 6 months till I got back home to get another one :cry:




But nice to know Revolut cards did not get skimmed so far!

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