Litecoin Fork ( Litecoin Cash)

As Litecoin is due to fork today 18-2-2018 how will Revolut help us to claim our free Litecoin cash as it is x10 for every Litecoin we hold

Search the forum this have been asked multiple times the last couple of days. Essentially they will not support it when it happens. They might do it in the future depending on how the community revolves.

Personally calling something Litecoin Cash is misuse of another projects trademark and you should be wary of it. Especially since the Bitcoin Cash thing which is a huuge scam.

Due to the uncertainty of future events, Revolut will decide on a case-by-case basis how to approach and handle any potential future hard forks. There is always extreme uncertainty around such events, and therefore there are no guarantees that we will or will not support the introduction of new cryptocurrencies as a result of hard forks.

We will communicate with you ahead of time as to whether we plan to accommodate the introduction of any new cryptocurrencies.

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Bitcoin cash is a scam, I’m happy to hold BTC scam crypto as it has doubled in price the last few days and is time to sell. As far as Litecoin cash being a scam, I would still be happy to have taken FREE coins and find out later if it is a scam. Maybe I should thank Revolut for protecting me from this scam FREE coins.
It makes no sense what you have said henribjorn but thank you for your own personal insight

Any chance that this get’s supported? I had some LTC at the time of the fork in the Revolut account and as I can see it I’ve lost a few hundred euros by not getting the LCC.

me too… I’ve been extremely unimpressed by the lack on answers I’ve received too.

Well they have answered. That they are not going to support it at this time.

Well, they are also saying that they might reconsider based on the community interest. I was using Revolut for Cryptocurrency only as a test, but with this I can not say that I am convinced to start really using it. Also, depending how the coins were stored, Revolut might have been credited a few millions $$$ from the LCC assignments, and I do consider that this needs to be shared with the end customers that were holding the LTC coins.

I am sure that Revolut is not in the business so that they can cheat their customers. That would be dumb.

Before using it as a test, you should have read the faq etc. on how it works where it would have been clear on how Revolut stores the crypto you buy, and also the limitations. I get that loosing free money sucks but it’s life.

LCC is trading at about 7usd, so you must have a significant amount of LTC stored in Revolut ?

It is just a principle. I do hope that they got the LCC and those will be shared with the holders of LTC, even if they are not credited as LCC. If I am correct for every LTC you were suppose to get 10 LCC, that means 70 USD for 1 LTC, around 30% of the current price value of a LTC.
As mentioned I am just testing so I have around 13 LTC, translated to LCC is around 130 ~ 910 USD

Well. I am sure they will, as the other big exchanges did with BCH earlier. Currently it is only small exchange who trade it.

that would be a satisfactory resolution… I think its just silence that upsets customers

They haven’t been silent about it. You can’t expect them to support every little fork that happens to every single coin ?