List of ATM's that don't charge a fee

In Denmark:

Danske Bank charges a 40kr (7$ or so)

Nordea ATMs have no fee

I believe Jyske Bank also doesn’t charge anything but that was a long time ago.

I was using a Paysafe-issued Mastercard.

What about Mexico ?

Twenty twenty

UPDATE: I just extracted all information of this feed into a separate list to make it more appealing to read:

Feel free to add your travel experience straight to the new posting in order to keep the list readable!


In Romania, ATM of BRD-GSG Bank don’t charge any fee when you withdraw cash.


Singapore UOB no fee
Colombia davivienda bank no fee

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Awsome :weight_lifting_man:t2:‍♀ thank you!

Can that be true and if yes how come? :flushed:
Switzerland Any ATM withdrawal is free of charge

Thanks guys.

PLEASE post your updates here: The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country/as of Nov 2018)

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We have a stopover at Doha airport and may want to have a snack and coffees but don’t want to pay a big ATM fee just for that. Any fee free ATMs there? Thanks.

The link has expired, giving 404.

I just had a weird experience with a FIRST INVESTMENT BANK (Fibank) at one of the malls in Sofia. I’ve been withdrawing money from the same ATM on occasion

This looks like you’ve exceeded your monthly limit?

Well I am a premium member so my limit should be 400 EUR.
My previous transaction from 10 days prior to this one and from a different ATM.Here’s the receipt:

Check your Profile in the app and click on Price plan. There you can see your ATM withdrawals. How high are the withdrawals there?

Those look like fees from Revolut. My ATM withdrawals that had a fee from the ATM provider did not show up there.

Also keep in mind that the monthly limit does not go from 1st of a month to next 1st of a month. It starts with your subscription date.


Hey Regalia,
good point - that is exactly what is going on : the free withdraws limit clock has not reset yet.
Thanks for the hint - in my head a new month means a limit reset - i will keep in mind that this is not the case.


On a recent trip to South Africa I discovered that Capitec ATMs did not charge a fee withdrawals

I’ve just come back for Spain, tried 5 banks and all wanted to charge between 1.75 - 5 euros. Someone told me they managed to find one but couldn’t remember the name of it

See the recent posts in this thread: The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)

Deutsche Bank and Bank Inter were reported as fee-free a few days ago.

In Moldova BRD and BCR ATM’s work very well, no fees!

Please, do you have any info about ATM fees in Mauritius?

Than why i have been charged 10e in Citadele ATM ?