List of ATM's that don't charge a fee


Does anybody know ATMs in ISRAEL which doesn’t have a fee and situation about ATMs in Israel?


Just come back from a trip across Asia so here’s my small contribution

South Korea

  • Shinhan: no fees
  • KB Star: no fees
  • KEB Hana, Woori, IBK, Standard Chartered, ATMs in convenience stores: 3000 - 3600 KRW.

I’ve read reports from people saying no fees are charged in Taiwan. In my case I used Cathay Bank mostly, as it’s inside each MRT station.

  • Cathay Bank: no fees
  • SinoPac: no fees

Hong Kong

  • HSBC: no fees
  • Hang Seng Bank: no fees

Mainland China
Visited the Guangdong province. I wasn’t able to withdraw from Bank of China ATMs, despite accepting Mastercard, transactions were always rejected.

  • ICBC: no fees
  • China Construction Bank: no fees

Hope that helps!



Tried in Spain (Gijon, Asturias).

Banco Polular: no fees
Liberbank: no fees

SabadellHerrero: 1.80€


HDFC do charge 200 rupee comission, we are here now and used it a couple of times.
Bank of Baroda is still comission free


In japan the banking system is a bit complicated.

7-Eleven, PostBank, CityBank, Mizuho Bank works.

The problem is lack of MasterCard/Visa implementation in the Japanese society.
They mostly use JCB for credit cards and bank only ATM cards for debit (no visa/Mc/etc) and a paper notebook for checking account.


No fee at WSFS ATM in the USA - Plymouth Meeting, PA.


In Vietnam VPbank ATM took no fees


I have been charged 4.2% for withdrawing cash from Unicredit ATM in Italy (EUR/GBP choice proposed by ATM, EUR selected). It is my understanding that the fee is collected by the card issuer (Wirecard). No fee applied when withdrawing from Cariparma (Crédit Agricole group). Given that I cannot know in advance whether I will be charged, I am not going to use the Revolut card.



For french peoples (I think it’s the same for non french peoples), you can go to this page ( )and look at the last spreadsheet.

You can find for each ATM all over the world, the fees and the maximal limit of withdrawal.


Update to this - just got back from NZ. Most banks wanted a 3% fee. Westpac is free on Revolut and by far the best. The only fee-free option we found, and decent coverage as well.

Beware Kiwibank. I got stung here - the machine doesn’t tell you there’s a fee, but when the debit goes through the fee is added - very sneaky, and definitely one to avoid.


I’ve used a Deutsche Bank atm today in Torrevieja Spain with no fee.Also don’t remember being asked about currency conversion to use just Euro’s.


Off to Malaysia and Singapore next, what ATM’s are still fee-free?

Got notes from this thread to try RHB, MAY and BSN Banks?


It would appear MasterCard shifted a few of their services and that site is now located at

Respectively, as everything is very app(lication) centric these days anyhow :wink: , there is an application also for Apple and Google - and even Microsoft :open_mouth:

Japan Visa Revolut vs Mastercard Revolut
ATMS that don't charge for withdrawals
Confused - just need to check

I’ve just come back from India and this are the ATMs I didn’t got charged from:
(just to let you know, the card was not working in some of them, and all the ones I tried, didn’t charge me any fee.)


Stanford ATM, I had a 3$ Fee


I’m just back from trip to Australia. I tried all the banks.


NAB is the way to go.

You have to select savings.



Hello, I See on web that ALLPOINT ATM should be free (USA). did you tried? do we have acces for free with Revolut?


Maybank and BSN still fee free as of this week.

RHB didn’t like my card as I have location security on and they are based outwith Malaysia.

Any tips for Singapore?


For me also rediATM also worked once without commision. Y will try NAB


KENYA: No fees so far: Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) and Equity Bank. Most other banks ATMs charge a fee (around USD 4).