List of ATM's that don't charge a fee


Hello everyone,

Can you please inform me what ATM Banks in India don’t charge commissions.

I am checking this: but I don’t really understand what option should I use: " No Access Fee (within country) " or / and " Surcharge Free Alliance "

Please let me know which ATMs machines should we use in India free of commission in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh area.

Thank you.


Just got back from Istanbul, Turkey.

I had exchanged Turkish Lira in the app.

ATM asked me if I would like to withdraw from GBP account with a 4.4% service charge (+ screw me on exchange rate) or if I would like to use my Turkish Lira Account.

I used Turkish Lira account and was charged 0.00% - Revolut = winning!


:slight_smile: I am glad it worked. Just for future reference: It also would have worked without exchanging beforehand in the app. The exchange also works on the fly, as long as one chooses the local currency at an ATM.


The 4.4% charge would have been levied had I not had Turkish Lira - because it treats the card differently for some reason, that was my point. The machine also showed me what I would receive… So it feels as even though Revolut may still handle the conversion, the ATM would bank the difference as it decides how much to give me on the spot.


Hey @smanor, I am still skeptical that there is a way for the ATM to know about Revolut’s multi currency holding capabilities :slight_smile:. To me it sounds like the ATM offered you just the local currency vs. the assumed “home” currency. Since Revolut’s cards are issued in the UK, POS terminals and ATMs assume that the connected account is in GBP. So they offered you “just” these two logical currency choices.


Hi everybody!

Anyone knows ATM’s with no fee in Costa Rica?



Anyone up to putting the information in this thread in a proper database, and designing a basic interface for it?

The Mastercard ATM locator is horribly broken and is no guarantee for a no fee withdrawal. Revolut also clearly doesn’t prioritize this feature, but I have the feeling many users prefer not to pay an extra fee on their withdrawals.


In Croatia : So you say Euronet or OTP Banka they dont charge? I used Erste last year were no fees. Thanks


I am Croatian and confirm that you can use all ATMs for free (just don’t select DCC option). Not sure about Euronet, think it should also be free but can’t guarantee it. These are located at airports and tourist hubs so it may seem impossible to avoid, but just don’t get tempted to use them and you’ll find plenty of normal ATMs everywhere.

Never seen an ATM or shop which does not accept Mastercard in Croatia.



Now I’m back in VIETNAM.
Saigon commercial bank doesn’t work anymore I tried 2 ATM in Ho chi Minh city and I wasn’t able to get cash.
You can use MB Bank (Military Bank) for withdraw money without any fees. the MB bank ATM near Calmette Street doesn’t work.


Wells Fargo charged me 5$ per ATM withdrawal which is around 1.6% fee on 320$ from their side :frowning:


Hello! I am currently travelling around Croatia, and so far I got 100% approved transactions :blush: No fees were charged on ATM, and I used many different ones. On Bosnia and Herzegovina, an ATM was asking a fee of 6BAM (Intesa Sanpaolo Banka), but then I found an ATM from Sberbank which was free.


Any info about ATM fees in Spain - Canary Islands - Tenerife?


In the US, my experience is that it varies between locations. The same bank charges in NY, but not in rural areas, for example.


Here’s a nice blog post on this matter.

It’s written in Spanish, but can be easily translated with any online tool.


Confirmed. I have just been (Oct 2017). No charge !


I’ve been in Spain last week, in Asturias, and been using ING ATM’s for free. No commissions at all.


I got back from India yesterday and only two ATM i used did not take any fee

No fee:
Bank of Baroda
State Bank of India (SBI)

All other took 200rs fee


Try Bank of Baroda or State Bank of India - their ATMs did not take any commission