List of ATM's that don't charge a fee

First of all, I believe Revolut should work more on making people understand that ATM withdrawal fees are a two-way street: while it is true that Revolut does not charge fees for withdrawals up to a certain limit, it should be made clear that ATM owners worldwide (usually foreign banks) can impose their own fees.

This is really important, as free withdrawals are one of the most important marketing points for Revolut.

Furthermore, none of the ATMs in the EEA charge fees for withdrawals with foreign (EEA-issued) cards, so any potential withdrawal fee will depend on the card issuer only.




You can use MasterCard Nearby app to find best ATM around you.


Some ATM’s in the UK do charge a fee for all card users. These are independant of a particular bank and typically are in pubs, small shops and some shopping centres. A cynic might suggest in places where those least able to afford to pay fees are likely to use them.

I just got back from Vietnam. Most ATMs will charge you a fixed fee (I believe it was 30000 VND), but there is at least one bank that doesn’t charge for ATM withdrawals - MB bank. They have a blue and white logo.

If you go to an actual BPI Bank they’ll let you withdraw 20,000 Peso in one go,

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So it uses the currency conversion service?
I think that Piraeus Bank have no ATM fees for withdrawing cash with Revolut.

Turkey, Marmaris, Akbank ATM charged 6.14 EUR while 50 EUR was Withdrawn (56.14 EUR total) which means more than 12 percent withdrawal fee.
Probably the fee was hidden under the conversion as the ATM interface was not comprehensible (could not change the currency).

I’ve looked at your account, and it looks like you have requested Euros, then ATM converted your Euros to GBP and then back to Euros. Probably because the ATM has base currency TRY

Hello Andreas,
thank you for your effort. Appreciate very much.

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HDFC always charges me 200 rupees.

I’ve found SBI ATM’s don’t charge.

Am off to India soon and that would be a great help.

I was thinking along the same lines. Best source is from people travelling in those countries and sharing their findings in this forum. Perhaps if there is a dedicated category for posting free ATM info that would help.
Its worth keeping in mind though (as per my posting on ATMs in Thailand, that in many countries the local folk also get charged ATM fees as well. Lets face it the banks have to get a revenue stream somewhere to pay for their equipment and operations. In many countries they don’t have the revenue stream channels that bank in the UK have (i.e. charging sky high fees just to send out an overdraft letter!!!)
Just for information I heard that ANZ in Cambodia doesn’t charge. Also in Cambodia you can choose to withdraw cash in US dollars or Cambodia Riel (bring a big bag with you for the latter!!!)


CR Orvieto
Unipol Bank

Bank BCA. Excellent bank with massive network of atms.
Zero % and interbank exchange rates.
Revolut definitely RULZ.

@anon9918960, @anon33247966 Could revolut team possibly distill all of the good effort that went into this thread into a nice and easy-to-read table and pin it on top of the travelling section please ? It will be another step forward towards a better customer service!

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We’re working on it!


I have posted some info on US ATM fees in the thread “Revolut in the United States of America”.
I thought it might be helpful to also post it in this thread. (I haven’t figured out how to insert a link to another thread yet!)

I am currently in Wilmington Delaware,
Previously I have drawn cash from an M&T Bank in North Wilmington, with no fee.

Today I went to the same branch and they wanted to charge $3.50 for the transaction!

OK so now I was on a mission.

T&D - fee was $3.00 per transaction
PNC - card rejected "refer to card issuer"
WSFS - $3.00 per transaction
I had to pay the fee at WSFS because I needed the cash, Grrrr!

I am going to try some other banks and will report back.

Today I tried Sun East Credit Union ATM and there was no fee charged!

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Bolivia: Banco pyme Ecofuturo

Chile: Itau (exists more, but don’t remember)

Argentina: hadn’t found any free of charge, but ALL ATM’s holded amount even I’ve disagree with with a charge and finally in my account left 0.00 (all my money was holded by ATM’s), so it was really sad day in Mendoza

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Has anyone been able to withdrawal money in Australia without paying fees?

So far whenever I tried to get some cash I’ve been asked to pay between 1,5 to 3 AUD per transaction.

France: BNP doesn’t charge a fee. I don’t think fees are common in France. I’ll test other banks.