List of ATM's that don't charge a fee


In my recent travel to India and Nepal

No commission

  • HDFC Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Yes Bank
  • Bank of Baroda

Commission of 200 rupees

  • Infusing Bank
  • Icici Bank
  • IndusInd Bank

No commission

  • Everest Bank
  • Kailash Bikas Bank
  • Nepal Bank Limited


  • Nabil Bank - 500 nepali rupees
  • Nepal Investment Bank - 500 nepali rupees
  • Himalayan Bank - 400 nepali rupees


Also very useful for people traveling to Japan: most ATMs don’t support foreign cards, but the ATMs at 7-11 shops do.


Hi, I found in S.A all bank atm charged me for cash withdrawals but small country store were free for limited cash


Which awesome answer they gave you?


Why don’t we work on the other way round? Crowd-created!
We can agree on a common hashtag (for example #nofee or #fee) and put in the “text note” field. Then @revolut can export a map with all the withdrawn transaction organized by tag and location!

I know it is not a perfect solution, but it could be intermediate step


HiBasically that they had no plans to set this up.My next trip is to Dubai and Sri Lanka, I shallbe posting my experiences in the New Year.I live in Spain so will also post for here.regardscoolhooz


Latvia (EU)
all ATMs without a fee,
most populars local chains:
DnB Nord


I am going to travel in South America for 8 months in October,

So you have any idea of which ATM are free of charges over there?



Has anyone checked this

You just tick ATM with no fees near me, then add your postcode to find ATMs near you with no fees


Would be good if it could be integrated in to the revolut app…less chance of being taken in by any MasterCard adverts!


Revolut don’t seem to be interested in setting something like this up -
I am wondering if they gey some kickback from these fees?


Revolut don’t seem to be interested in setting something like this up -
I am wondering if they gey some kickback from these fees?


We’re really keen to provide this feature, and we’re looking into the possibility of creating something like a map. Of course we need your help, your ideas and your experience to complete this project.


Yes, I provided a link further up the page.


In the transaction details, it says whether there is a fee associated with it…maybe for the ATM withdrawals, if there was a “revolut map” this could trigger a location point on there for all to see. Obviously data protection etc would mean that hopefully revolut would only collect and publish this information anonymously.


The mastercard ATM locator site says no fees apply to the domestic cards only so not really helpful


Philippines Banks

I’ve found 2 that let you withdraw cash

BPI & BDO Banks, great rates but they charge 200 peso for each withdraw and the maximum you can withdraw is 10,000 Peso in one transaction


+1… In thailand all mastercard state that they have no fee for example and you have a 180-200 fee.

Has anyone got information about Vietnam Fees with Revolut? Which atm’s (banks) charge and which don’t?

I would love to see this map work based on community feeback. As easy as turning on gps and add atm bank’s name and fee that was charged.


Greece - Alpha Bank free if you select EUR otherwise 5%.


Andreas, aren’t almost all ATMs approved by MasterCard? I mean, these days you can use a Visa or MasterCard card to witdraw money in virtually every ATM worldwide, so I don’t really get this point with “using MasterCard approved ATMs”