List of ATM's that don't charge a fee

Thanks Samu,
have read most of the threads. I was thinking would that be good if a google sheet with list of banks which don’t charge while using revolut card before Revolut releases their official list. so I created a google sheet

hopefully, everyone can have some idea where they can withdraw cash and avoiding charges. the google sheet is accessible to everyone, just if anyone wants to edit, please send me a request. I will grant the edit access.
P.S. the updated date just the date you guys posted on the website. cheers!


You can add that in Portugal there are never any atm fees. It’s mandated by law

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thanks for the info. so should I put down all ATMs, Portugal are free?
or you wanna me send you the invite to edit? you can either go to the google sheet, drop down the “comment only” button, and request me the edit access. Or message me your gmail. cheers!

You can edit yourself. It’s a simple edit😉

I just came back from Porto (Portugal). At the OPO Airport, I got 0.63 € fee

Was it a Euronet machine (yellow background in logo with blue lettering)? Euronet machines are known to have issues, with the most common issue being not giving you any cash but charging your account, other times, the charged amount differs from what was withdrawn.

It seems you were affected with this last one. It’s an issue with the machine’s software, not a fee. It’s due to this kinds of problems that locals know to avoid Euronet ATMs.

In Portugal ATMs used to be all Multibanco. Since a few years ago a few Euronet ATMs started popping up. While both charge no fees, as required by law, Euronet ATMS have the kinds of problems explained before.

It seems Euronet despite being aware of the issues is not interested in fixing them, probably because their ATMs are all in touristic zones and tourists won’t bother to go to the police when no money comes out or they’re charged a different amount from what they’ve withdrawn. Probably most tourists as you will assume is some kind of fee and leave it at that, not knowing fees are illegal

With Multibanco you’ll never have any problems and they are overwhelmingly more prevalent, so prefer those. Just remember to reject DCC and you’re good

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Anyone know what the latest situation is in Chile?

According to me you will find ATM which charges few free transacation, I dont think all the transactions will be free for using. Still you should ask your card provider

This link is dead (MasterCard link by Andreas). And Standard card is VISA. In any other way it’s a really good “solution”.

Yes I know the VISA site and VISA does not have a magic tick ATM with no fee, or can anyone see that?

VISA ATM Locator

Well that’s a nice country :slight_smile:

In France :slight_smile:

French banks don’t charge foreigners any fees to use ATMs. Privately-owned ATMs, on the other hand, do charge expensive fees and should be avoided. You can recognise these machines by the absence of any identifiable bank branding.

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Vietnam - ACB Fee Free up to 3m VND using Revolut Visa Card only, the Mastercard one charges a fee.

Vietnam - HSBC in HCMC is Fee Free

Indonesia - CIMB, Maybank and Bank BCA all Fee Free

Malaysia - Maybank and BSN Bank both Fee Free

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What’s latest on Cambodia anyone know?

Leave Vietnam this weekend and fly to Siem Reap, heard it’s US Dollars they issue at ATMS? Any fees?

Cambodia - Both Maybank and Canadia now charge $5 per transaction, so lift as much as you can in one go.

In Denmark:

Danske Bank charges a 40kr (7$ or so)

Nordea ATMs have no fee

I believe Jyske Bank also doesn’t charge anything but that was a long time ago.

I was using a Paysafe-issued Mastercard.

What about Mexico ?

Twenty twenty

UPDATE: I just extracted all information of this feed into a separate list to make it more appealing to read:

Feel free to add your travel experience straight to the new posting in order to keep the list readable!


In Romania, ATM of BRD-GSG Bank don’t charge any fee when you withdraw cash.


Singapore UOB no fee
Colombia davivienda bank no fee

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Awsome :weight_lifting_man:t2:‍♀ thank you!

Can that be true and if yes how come? :flushed:
Switzerland Any ATM withdrawal is free of charge