List/history of recent notifications

When I receive push notification from revolut application - in 90% of the time it is too small to fit in my screen, I can see only beginning of it. If I open notifications dialog and press finger on this notification - it disappears and I am in revolut application. I enters the application, but see nothing. Notification is missing and I couldn’t manage to read it.

It would be great to have a something like list of notifications with full text. We don’t probably need to keep all of them as history - but would be nice to have at least top 10 of them.

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Hello @pkozlov,

Thank you for letting us know. We’ll take a look, are you using an iPhone or Android?


I have also just experienced this, I got a push notification on my Android saying something about my card, but when I went into the app, I couldn’t see anything.

I swiped away an expired money request by accident. No idea where to see what it was now. A list of notifications would solve this.

I’m experiencing the same situation with version 5.30 on Android. When I click on a notification, I expect to see the full message on the app.

Looks like this feature is now implemented (app version 6.29 on android).
We have now “bell button” in the app. Will see how it works.

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I once had a GSheet and IFTTT but that’s a bit odd. I am curious as well how the bell will work.