Linking Revolut IBAN to Paypal.


im living in Poland and my Paypal is also registered with Polish adress. I wanted to link my Revolut Euro IBAN account to Paypal but im receiving an error about invalid IBAN.

I have read the whole thread and looks like people are able to do that. Could someone help me?


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Same problem here. Can anybody help us? :slight_smile:

Isn’t that an IBAN at LLoyds that needs a reference?!

I tried to add my Euro IBAN, but was constantly getting strange errors, so I got in touch with the PayPal support. The agent told me that they are not supporting Revolut accounts. Even if somehow you manage to add the bank account, the transaction won’t go thru. That was ~2 months ago.

Back then I had issues, too. I am in DE with a EUR based account. Same as with you: “We do not accept virtual accounts.” Since people here engaged me to try again I did so. It worked. I have no idea why because everything was the same as before. Now I pay Spotify or DAZN e.g. via PayPal and :r:.

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A week ago I had no problems adding Revolut EUR IBAN to PayPal in DE to use with GooglePay.


I’ve been trying to add my IBAN to my PayPal for weeks now haven’t had rent money or anything it keeps giving me errors…

Would anyone be able to forward me somewhere for a resolution for Irish banks? Keeps saying IBAN must be 22 digits and there’s 22 digits

Might just jump off a bridge let me know which route I should take