Linking Revolut card to Paypal as GBP?

I linked my card with Paypal account and it seemed pretty nice. The problem is that Paypal claims that this is GBP based card. This is quite uncomfortable because one of the reasons was to avoid very poor exchange rates offered by Paypal (I live in Poland so my Paypal account main currency is PLN) and because I actually have some income streams in USD…

Now I have a situation when I get some payment in US Dollar, this is transferred to Paypal (as USD). From here it might be withdrawn to my Revolut card (as GBP with Paypal’s exchange). And from Revolut I might spend it for further growth (USD) or just daily shopping (PLN). Why the hell would I bother to introduce British Pounds into that??

Is there any way to force Paypal to treat this card as USD based so I could avoid Paypal exchanges?

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You can omit PayPal’s rates forcing it to charge i shop’s currency.
It was discussed many times.
Here you have solution:

Similar issue here - I don’t know about your case, but I wasn’t able to switch a paypal-payed order to “let the cardissuer convert the currency”, paypal wanted to invoice me in GBP (needless to say - i lost money due to bad exchange rates)…

Best guess is: PP is setting the currency by the card-number… Hence we are stucked with GBP…

I had a long and extensive talk with PayPal-Support in either German AND English (normally, PP has a pretty good german support), they didn’t seem to understand the issue… Eventually I gave up…

hmm, strange… I’m freed from PayPal’s rates:

Here you have it it English:

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the same option works for my other creditcard i’m using with paypal…
just for the revolut-card, i can not activate that…

Wow… That’s pretty much hidden now (at least during transition from the old layout to the current one). Here’s a path I used to dig up the option from redi’s screenshots:

Settings (Gear icon next to the “log out” in the top right corner) > Payment Settings > Manage pre-approved payments > manage pre-approved payments (yes, again - this time the link was in the left column and opened new tab with the old layout) > Set Available Funding Sources > Convertion Options (a link next to the card you want to change). Voila! :slight_smile:

They really made the effort not to make it easy to most users… :smiley: But at least it seems it should work with my Revolut.


It will for sure- I’ve used it many times :slight_smile:
I think you can mark it as a solution :slight_smile:

Your’s or mine with a full path? :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course- yours :slight_smile: :wink:

checked it - don’t have this option… strange… but well

Hey moby04,

Can you please let me know how you transfer funds from PayPal to your Revolut card? As far as I know you need to link a Polish bank account to your PayPal account and then you can proceed with the transfer.

Waiting for your reply.

I have connected Revolut card as one of the payment methods at Paypal and works quite ok but to be honest I did not try to withdraw money from Paypal to Revolut yet. So far I was doing only transfers from Revolut to Paypal… In fact, I do have a Polish bank account connected as well but didn’t withdraw any money to it so far neither.

I’ve found some information that the card needs to be confirmed but unfortunately I cannot help you with the details at the moment - I just pay for multiple services and goods straight from Paypal with USD in fact. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your quick reply.

Based on the description of your query I understood that you transfer your salary from PayPal to your Revolut card and then you spend it from there. But in this case I will try my best to find out if it is possible to withdraw funds to Revolut.

Have a nice day!

Actually, I transfer salary from daily job to Revolut but it’s coming from Polish bank account - that’s why I needed/wanted to avoid currency exchange with Paypal rates (Revolut has way lower spread! :slight_smile: ). Once the money is in Revolut and/or Paypal I don’t have problems.

Anyway, good luck! And please, let me know once you solve the withdrawal issue because at some point I might need it as well. :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for this information. The settings seem to be applicable for purchases made via PayPal.

Is there a way to have this setting for withdrawals to Revolut bank account? I.e. withdraw USD from PayPal account to Revolut GBP bank account, and have the conversion processed by Revolut?

Thank you

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I just passed through that and you have to contact paypal and ask them to change your card denomination from GBP to whatever you want. They did it for me no questions asked. I can now withdraw in USD

Hi megamaster,

One can not withdraw to a card with PayPal? Do you mean to say you changed the bank account denomination?

If so, have you successfully carried out a withdrawal of USD to your Revolut GBP bank account as there would be a mismatch between currencies? Or, were you able to link the Revolut USD bank account directly?

And which side did the conversion occur?

Thanking you in advance.

What I meant to say is that I asked paypal to change the card currency from GBP (as detected automatically by them) to USD.

After that I made a successful withdrawal from my PayPal USD balance to Revolut USD account. No conversion was made.

The fact that the Revolut USD account doesn’t have a personal IBAN doesn’t matter. This is a card transaction, not bank to bank, meaning that in the same way you spend USD with the card and it gets debited from your USD balance, when you make a withdrawal to the card it gets credited in your USD balance

Edit: I was talking about withdrawing from paypal directly to a Visa card instead of a regular bank transaction. I forgot that a lot of countries don’t have the option of withdrawing to a card. If you have a British paypal account you can only withdraw to a UK GBP account, meaning you have to let paypal convert the funds to GBP

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Yes, I have British PayPal and so your edit is correct. Thank you anyway for your time; I appreciate it.

Read this thread but I’m still a little bit confused. I’m in the UK with a PayPal UK account but I’m receiving income in USD to PayPal. I’d like to use Revolut to avoid the compulsory currency conversion fee; could someone please let me know if this is possible, and if so, how? Thank you!