Linking Revolut card to an App Store/iTunes account



I constantly read on Twitter that users cannot add they Revolut card to an iTunes/App Store account. And here are the things to know so they can add the card:

  1. When you link card to iTunes/App Store account you need to choose the same country as your country issued card (UK for Revolut otherwise your card will appear as invalid.)

  2. All the content, prices will be based on the UK store in GBP.

  3. Before you add your card you will need ~2,50€ on your account for verification process, in 10 days you will get refund.

  4. When you change your Country/Region in iTunes you will able to add your card*
    *Use random address or your home address
    and any UK postcode (I use W1B 2EL), any phone in this format 123-123 1234.

Voilà you can spend with your Revolut account on the iTunes/App Store!
Kind Regards,