Linking my card error

I relogged in to my app after a few updates and i was made go through the login system again, phone number email etc. then when I went to link my old revolut card it says the card cannot be linked even though I have money on it and not used it yet. I have the card about 2 months.

any ideas?

Hm, could it be that you created a 2nd account with a different phone number? Always log in with the phone number you set up your account with.

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I also just got accepted to use Crypto through the email I originally used and am using again after re-installing the app from scratch (same credentials) but it just seems like a new account.

No I used the same phone number as I only use the one for the past 15/20 years. Strange as the email address is the same too.

Can you please drop me a direct message?

I have the same problem but i a bought a new card because the one i have doesn’t seem to work