Linked card


I had an existing revolut card that is linked to a number I no longer have access to.

I linked my card to new number, used few time yesterday and now my card is blocked. When I’m trying to add existing card it says ‘This card cannot be linked’. I’d like to link card to number which I’m using asap.

I have been messaging the In-app chat, but not getting a reply.

Could someone help me please.

Thanks, Marcelina


Hi! I recommend reaching support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: :slight_smile:


You could try to follow the procedure like it is described in the FAQs:

Try to log-in with your OLD number. Then say that you don’t have access to the text sent to that old number. Then you have the ability to escalate the case to a support agent.

This is the standard procedure when one looses access to an number that is connected to an account.