Linked account transactions not updating

I just linked my Irish Bank account to Revolut and I but it is only showing past transactions, not we ones. The balances are however updating, just doesn’t show the transactions.

Is this a bank specific issue, or have others noticed the same?


I tried unsuccessfully to link my Permanent TSB Ireland account, keep getting the same 202 couldn’t log in error on the Permanent TSB page, it doesnt look like it will ever work. Anyone else seeing that?

I managed to link permanent TSB. I could see the balance and transactions but nothing has been updated since then. After a few days and a few top ups from TSB account the balance is still the same.

I was able to manage to link ptsb, then updates to linked accounts stepped refreshing. I unlinked but unable to remind account which is a shame

The balance seems to update pretty frequently, but the transactions are another story. I only see one transaction since setting up 5 days ago. It’s a joint BOI account so it gets used a fair bit.

Similar issue with my AIB Business current account linked in the Revolut Personal app: Balance of the linked account updates but it shows no transactions whatsoever.

Same problem here. I successfully linked my Bank of Ireland account to Revolut but the transactions don’t update and the balance rarely does either.

Hey, I’ve successfully linked my PTSB account but I’m recent days, the balance refresh has stopped working. Maybe there is a cache problem.

Hoping the guys can iron out these integration issues soon. Great feature on paper.

Same here. Managed to link my PTSB account, but transactions wouldn’t update which made it pointless. Revoked access and tried again, but now won’t let me link, it fails with a generic error message without triggering the PTSB website or app to grant access.

I am having the same issue. BOI account. Balance correct, transactions not synced since I added the account 9 days ago. I got on to Revolut support today and after a long and winding conversation, they confirmed it’s a known issue and they are working on it. Hope that helps.

Same here. Linked my PTSB and showing “updated 7d ago”. Only showing some transactions I did on the day I linked.

Would love an update from Revolut on this.

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Snap, found this thread when I noticed my linked PTSB account hadn’t updated in 11 days which is when I think I linked it. Is anybody’s account updating?

Same, here. Balance updates but transactions from the last week not showing. Pretty useless!

Using Apple XR, cannot get past the verification process on my App, went on chat, they are now aware of the bug, that was a week ago and still not resolved. I signed up to Revolut because of this handy feature, not too impressed at all.

Same thing here, balance wouldn’t update so I revoked and then tried to to re-link and now getting an error. I’m fairly sure this an issue with PTSB because you can manage access to third party accounts through the browser version on your online banking with PTSB. When you try to enter this section you also get an error message. Guessing its an issue with their API Software. No point in asking them, they didn’t know what I was talking about and referred me back to Revolut who reffered me back to PTSB.


Linked PTSB ok but stopped updating.

Where is that page on PTSB’s Open24 website as a matter of interest? I can’t see it for the life of me… I can only see general info on PSD2 at and indeed the link to the API portal for developers, but nothing like the screen that popped up when I first linked my account.

You need to login in to your open24 account to see it.

When you login on the main page, on the top right hand corner of the screen select “other”. Scroll down, then you will see “manage third party account”.

Ah right, thanks a mill. In my dashboard the button is called “Do More” – you pointed me in the right direction :slight_smile: And the same, after putting in a security code from an SMS it just gives an error.

So, I think we may be facing two issues…

  1. All accounts with linked banks are broken for at least some of us, in that they don’t update transactions.
  2. PTSB is separately broken in a further way, in that if you revoke access, you can’t reassociate it.