Link Revolut with Degiro in the UK


Hi all,

I currently live in the UK and i have an account at an online stockbroker platform called “Degiro” which is linked to my HSBC bank account.

Problem is that i am planning to move permanently overseas (to Cyprus) and i have the following issue:

Most banks in the UK don’t allow to hold a UK account if you don’t have a permanent residence in the UK. Also, the UK platform does not accept Cypriot Banks. Therefore i will need to change my nominated back account that i have linked with the platform and i was thinking to link my Revolut account.

Does anyone know if there will be any problems if i do that? Also, will there be any restrictions i.e. if i want to move £5000 from my Revolut account to a local bank account in Cyprus at any point?

Many thanks for your help


Did you ask hsbc if its possible to hold youre account in the uk when you leave. Just thinking because they have branches in Cyprus (Nicosia) I was in a branch in Nicosia as i had a stop on Larnaca Airport When i was flying from ZRH to BEY.
If its not Urgent i can ask them when i be there next Month.

afaik Degiro is fintech, why not ask them to add support for linking youre :r: account.

Limit: I think as long as you stay in youre yearly limit there is no problem to move from :r: to a local account.


Thank you Myabou for your response.

I actually didn’t know that HSBC has a branch in Nicosia. Also, not sure if they act as a completely different entity.

I will send them and email and ask them about it