Link Revolut IBAN Euro Account to



I have recently tried to link my Revolut IBAN Euro Account ( GB49REVO…) to my PayPal account.
PayPal has refusedd it and flagged it as an invalid IBAN.

Any suggestions ?


Existing thread here:

Personal speculation on my part, but I think the (poor) FX rate offered by PayPal when they auto-convert is a big revenue driver for PayPal, hence the decision to manually flag Revolut’s personal EUR IBANs as invalid.


Linking a bank account to Paypal as funding source means that Paypal can withdraw funds through SEPA direct debit. Since Revolut doesn’t (yet) support direct debit, this isn’t possible.

You can, however, link your revolut card to Paypal, and set the (somewhat hidden) option to never do the conversion by Paypal but by Revolut.